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Does it lock you in? Is it built on top of open protocols or APIs? Is it decentralized? Federated or distributed? Does it work without a mobile device and/or phone number? Can anybody implement their own client for any OS or the or are you stuck with the ones the app is available for? Failing that, you are surrendering your freedoms to somebody else making the choices for you. And they can change these decisions anytime in the future.

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In case you missed the keynote or the AMA session of #ChromeDevSummit, you can rewatch the livestream here: Note that this was just the beginning; there are many more interactive sessions you can sign up to: Mark your calendar! 🗓

bet: the link to this tweet won't work in two years

After multiple delays, finally arrived today and it kinda sucks for now at least for the mostly multi-media use-cases I had in mind... It creates a hotspot, I connected to it and used the web interface to configure Maypole to use our home wifi. It reconnects to it after each boot.
But it seems to have stability issues, it's usable only for small singular files, there's no support for downloading folders, gets so hot I have trouble removing it from the USB port etc.

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, October 7

A free, online, single-track on Progressive Apps organized by Google, Microsoft, Samsung Internet and Intel

Návštěvníci naší konferenci (online, 6. a 7. 11.) by si rádi poslechli něco o Mastodonu. Dokázal by nám s tím @ondra, @mig nebo @fuxoft pomoci a přihlásit přednášku na

It's ironic how so many people are still afraid of battery longevity while prefers not to sell even their used electric cars because the batteries will outlive them.

"The task for our organization is to really try to keep hold of the batteries, and probably get into a second or third lease cycle for the car and then reuse the batteries," Diess explained. "[...] we would like to keep every one of the batteries forever."

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

, October 7

A free, online, single-track on Progressive Apps organized by Google, Microsoft, Samsung Internet and Intel

Indiepen: A privacy-friendly tool to embed HTML, CSS, and JS code examples. It’s fully open source, so if you want, you can host your own Indiepen. The focus here is viewing source, as far as I can tell this is not meant for live editing.

👀 New-ish settings alert in Chrome: head to `chrome://settings/privacySandbox` to toggle "Privacy Sandbox trials" and "FLoC" (the latter, "Federated Learning of Cohorts", is only available in Canary at the moment).

Wrote a little bit about how the idea of "a browser for documents, not apps" doesn't make any sense in a modern age.

Worth noting that I think there's some real chauvinism around form in these discussions: the idea is that "documents are easier," which isn't actually true on the web--but also isn't really true on paper. Flipbooks, mad libs, crosswords, House of Leaves, Choose Your Own Adventure... the history of "interactive" ergodic documents is rich and complex.

UK Hellscape 

Government advice for those that are vulnerable?

Do your shopping at 2am

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COVID-19 vaccine 

Just got our 2nd Comirnaty (Pfizer–BioNTech) dose.
I'm glad, but still have mixed feelings about it. I mean, good for all the people (from countries which hoarded the vaccines) posting that they finally went for a beer or got a haircut, but there are others around the world who need the more than I do...

To be fair, its software and overall UX is still a mixed bag, though. Controls are far from intuitive, especially the unobvious capacitive buttons with swipes, soft vs hard (and accidental) presses and the haptic feedback. Plus it’s receiving the first OTA update this month, almost a year after 1st deliveries. Future ones should come every 3 months. Hopefully one of those will bring true one-pedal driving. Permanent 5 km/h creep mode never made any sense to me.

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The Tesla we usually use was already booked for the date of our vacation so we finally borrowed an Volkswagen ID.3 which we wanted to try ever since its announcement. After test driving it for 8 days and 500+ km, we are seriously considering getting our own.
It has some advantages over Model 3... It's a better fit for narrow european roads, passes our garage test(!), has a display in front of a driver, subjectively better ride comfort, supports Android Auto etc.

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However, I've finally cancelled my pre-order short after the company bought Bitcoin and effectively erased all ecological progress its business ever brought during its entire existence.*
It's still a great car with the best batteries and efficiency on the market but I’m also not a fan of the lock-in tendencies like not having an option to use Android Auto or eventually being able to share your autonomous car only through Tesla’s ride-hailing service etc.


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