With the commoditisation of mobile hardware, and the maturity of Progressive Web Apps, maybe now could be the time.

I'm here when you're ready, @mozilla 😉

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"I operated dozens of booter ("DDoS-for-Hire") services... every single one of them used CloudFlare to protect my websites from rival DDoS attacks. Without CloudFlare's "neutral" security service offerings I couldn't have facilitated millions of DDoS attacks. It's hard to stress just how instrumental CloudFlare is in the success of a booter services operation, booters that didn't have protection from CloudFlare would not remain online very long." - rasbora.dev/blog/I-ran-the-wor

Farmbound is a free web game by @sil
In it, you build up a little farm by carefully arranging the pieces you're given. Items are randomly chosen, but the same each day for everyone. Farmbound works on desktop and mobile browsers.

Please join us and #GiveUpGitHub by visiting GiveUpGitHub.org/ and while you are still on #GitHub, adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

Open Infrastructure Map is absolutely fascinating. Check out all the power stations, turbines, electricity lines, gas, oil, water pipelines, etc near you.

Built on top of Open Street Map data (what an amazing project OSM is).


Astronomers find hidden trove of massive black holes

"This result really blew my mind because these black holes were previously hiding in plain sight," said Mugdha Polimera, lead author of the study and a UNC-Chapel Hill Ph.D. student.


Couldn't resist...

Listening to second concert in two days. 3 kilometers away. Through closed windows.

File Handling (web.dev/file-handling/) obtained its 3rd LGTM and is approved to ship. It's a powerful Project Fugu 🐡 API allowing you to register a PWA as a (default) file handler for `.foo` files, so when the user clicks such a file in the file explorer, the PWA can handle it.

This seems like the sort of thing fediverse people would have an opinion on.

Quoting the Open Web Advocacy group: "🇺🇸US - The US agency NTIA is doing an investigation into Browsers and Web Apps. The EU is ending the #AppleBrowserBan, we need to ensure the US does the same and solve the core issues of Web App Equality/Interoperability and In-App Browsers. Save the web!"


There's a long, LONG way to go between some EU draft text and actual browser choice for everyone on iOS, but at least this is a hopeful start? theregister.com/2022/04/26/app

Sorry for the confusion, I had Twitter forwarded into Mastodon and I forgot so I ignored all replies for the past year. Sorry! I've disconnected Twitter so anything you see here, was written here.

This is going to look even sillier when Musk triggers a mass Twitter exodus

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"Tides" – a demo using only HTML sliders, released at Revision 2022! 💙 Music by @winniehell! youtube.com/watch?v=bUTPlQzfz1

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