@WPalant I really believe it's time for people to realise that IS . Same principles that apply to are applicable to . The true long-term solution is education of the general public, not the easy way of blindly trusting centralized authorities promising to do slightly better.
In that sense I agree that Moxie really "doesn't get it". Mostly, he's just defending his design choices thru the lens of his confict of interest.

Who would want their washing machine to just do the laundry when you can spend time updating it via a smartphone app first??

Is 's market research showing that there are customers who would consider non-automatic obtrusive updates anything other than a nightmare?

Source: youtu.be/4JCPFe3CsPQ?t=486

COVID-19 vaccine 

Received 3rd dose today. We got to choose which so we went with Spikevax (Moderna) this time for a change.

The vaccination site in Congress Centre was not organized well, though. There's a queue ticket system *before* the actual registration on a TV screen indoors and a crowd of people in a relatively small space waiting for their turn for about 20 minutes. Especially with on the (steep) rise this felt quite risky.

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Don't Look Up is a painfully brilliant time capsule of the current state of humankind. That’s what we should be sending on golden plaques into deep space... As a warning.

A bit like but present-day, with a proper budget and less hyperbole.

BTW, I also kinda liked but if I can recommend just one this year it’s definitely .

There is lots of confusion about how someone got their hands on lots of #LastPass master passwords, and the official LastPass statement is certainly not helping. I analyzed the possible scenarios to find out what most likely happened here. #infosec


This is pretty amazing: "The Tree of Life" contains 2.2m species. Prepare for some mouse wheel action!


Selling some stuff, mostly electronics... Plus I'll be continuously adding more in the coming weeks. If you are interested in anything, let me know.


Pretty clever use of the Service Worker APIs: serve a local folder of files in your browser for easy testing without having to run a server. servefolder.dev/

Okay, why say "web browsers are hard to make, you need a huge budget to do so" instead of

Chrome wasn't built in a day


In case you missed the keynote or the AMA session of #ChromeDevSummit, you can rewatch the livestream here: youtu.be/lNecNY6vDek. Note that this was just the beginning; there are many more interactive sessions you can sign up to: developer.chrome.com/devsummit. Mark your calendar! 🗓

bet: the link to this tweet won't work in two years

After multiple delays, finally arrived today and it kinda sucks for now at least for the mostly multi-media use-cases I had in mind... It creates a hotspot, I connected to it and used the web interface to configure Maypole to use our home wifi. It reconnects to it after each boot.
But it seems to have stability issues, it's usable only for small singular files, there's no support for downloading folders, gets so hot I have trouble removing it from the USB port etc.

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, October 7

A free, online, single-track on Progressive Apps organized by Google, Microsoft, Samsung Internet and Intel


Návštěvníci naší konferenci (online, 6. a 7. 11.) by si rádi poslechli něco o Mastodonu. Dokázal by nám s tím @ondra, @mig nebo @fuxoft pomoci a přihlásit přednášku na openalt.cz/?

It's ironic how so many people are still afraid of battery longevity while prefers not to sell even their used electric cars because the batteries will outlive them.

"The task for our organization is to really try to keep hold of the batteries, and probably get into a second or third lease cycle for the car and then reuse the batteries," Diess explained. "[...] we would like to keep every one of the batteries forever."


Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

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