In advance of next week's @w3c #TPAC2018 meetings in Lyon, it's worth thinking about how we, as the technical community, can mitigate against the further balkanization of the web.

We finally released #PeerTube v1!

Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools

Have a nice week 😋

Played with the Pixel Slate for couple minutes... The display is gorgeous, it's thin and light and the keyboard seems even better than 's. Can confirm that using it on a lap will be a compromise, though.

Recent flight in the exit row.
Less is more folks, less... is... more...

Pixel Slate:

with backlit detachable keyboard! The only drawback will probably be the inability to use the keyboard comfortably on a lap.

👋 #introductions

I work as CEO and Android Dev of my startup about the app Settle Up.

I'm Google Developer Expert and enjoy travelling and speaking at conferences about Android, Firebase and Kotlin.

I'm interested in Elon's companies (SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company) and my biggest hobby is participating in LARP games.

I really enjoyed Google+ and looking if this platform can replace it.

Prediction: The remaining enterprise part of + will be killed in another year or two after the company sharing moves to Chat or however it'll be named then.

To paraphrase Keynes: In the long run, all centralized social networks are dead. No one can kill open standards / protocols / software, though.

So uh, Mastodon has been around for 2 years now. Wow

Left USB-C port on my (i7) stopped working. Wasn't charging the nor sending display output. Right worked fine.

Simple hardware reset (powering up with refresh button pressed) solved it, phew.

Apparently I'm not the only one who encountered this issue:

@ondra I will gladly pay for such a service. It gets a lot of independent creators much needed funds (and there's no shortage of brilliant creators) and it breaks yet another media giant calling the shots

... Obvious next step will be a new streaming aggregator service. The same thing did to DVDs. :)
The only way to break this spiral is to offer open standalone service that would pay providers directly.

Of course, as Netflix is turning into yet another TV channel, the subscription fee is getting more expensive the smaller portion of desired content it's catalog covers.
People don't subscribe to your newspaper for the same reason... They don't care about YOUR news when all other news are just a click away.

... I want something like Netflix for games. To pay a small monthly fee (or pay per play) where you can simply select a game and start playing. No purchases, downloads, maintenance etc. And don't underestimate the fact that all you'll need is browser. This can bring gaming to much (several times) wider audience.

After the initial batch of game startups were bought and locked into a single platform (Nvidia tablet, Playstations, Samsung TVs etc.) or closed right away to kill competition (OnLive closed by Sony) there's now a new bunch. Though they solve only the technology part. Apart from superior infrastructure, has potential to solve the rest of the game streaming UX. I don't want remote access to a Windows gaming machine and buy and manually install games from Steam...

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