Remember when Google announced on I/O 2012 game streaming using Gaikai service which was acquired by Sony in 2012 and eventually became Playstation Now? ;)

After the initial batch of game startups were bought and locked into a single platform (Nvidia tablet, Playstations, Samsung TVs etc.) or closed right away to kill competition (OnLive closed by Sony) there's now a new bunch. Though they solve only the technology part. Apart from superior infrastructure, has potential to solve the rest of the game streaming UX. I don't want remote access to a Windows gaming machine and buy and manually install games from Steam...

... I want something like Netflix for games. To pay a small monthly fee (or pay per play) where you can simply select a game and start playing. No purchases, downloads, maintenance etc. And don't underestimate the fact that all you'll need is browser. This can bring gaming to much (several times) wider audience.

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