Of course, as Netflix is turning into yet another TV channel, the subscription fee is getting more expensive the smaller portion of desired content it's catalog covers.
People don't subscribe to your newspaper for the same reason... They don't care about YOUR news when all other news are just a click away.


... Obvious next step will be a new streaming aggregator service. The same thing did to DVDs. :)
The only way to break this spiral is to offer open standalone service that would pay providers directly.

@ondra I will gladly pay for such a service. It gets a lot of independent creators much needed funds (and there's no shortage of brilliant creators) and it breaks yet another media giant calling the shots

@cypnk Exactly! I'm pondering this idea for couple years now.
I'd love to have the same/similar subscription for software as well, honestly. I don't like paying upfront for some web or mobile apps when I have no idea how long I'll be using them or the underlying platform. It's hard to judge it's true value for the price. It would also solve the platform lock-in. Payed for iOS app already? Fine, you can also use the / / app, it's app :) to you.

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