After using the (i7) for more than a week:

+ Speakers are the best part (even bit too bass heavy)
+ Great display
+ Even better battery life than (~10 hours) and charges super fast
• Photos from the cameras are better but nowhere near Pixel 2 XL so I still tend to have the phone nearby just for taking pictures. :/
apps are still a joke and if you have them disabled, the Camera app is replaced with Chrome one which doesn’t have portrait mode for example.

• If you try to edit a photo from the Camera app it wants to install Android Photos app. This schizophrenia is only one of the reasons to disable Android on Chrome OS. Though now works without Play Store enabled, so I hope non-Android Camera will get better.
• Slate’s keyboard is on par with Pixelbook, though using it on your lap quickly becomes a yoga exercise. (As expected: Hinge on detachable hp X2 is better in that regard.

• Included charger is the same (white) as the Pixelbook one.
- Smaller bezels are great but it’s impossible to hold without occasional accidental touches.
- on Slate is still quite unstable. Had several random session crashes already.
- My biggest issue is that it doesn’t work with external monitor even though Pixelbook, hp X2, Acer Tab 10, Pixel 2015 LS and several other Chrome devices work flawlessly with it:

Overall, I love it, especially as a naked .

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