Trying to find an article I think I saw on the #fediverse a day or two ago about the "myth" of federation and the failure of #Mastodon to decentralize sufficiently (finding that two instances carrying most of the overall activity of the entire network). But now I can't find it. Anyone bookmark it? @Gargron @federationbot

@mauro_motion @Gargron That's it! Thank you! (And what is it with academics and full-justified text?)

@mauro_motion I disagree that federation is dead, but she makes an effective point. @Gargron is helping distribution and federation by closing signups on But I suspect the other largest instances like being the largest instances. No? #fediverse #mastodon

well for what I remember of the article at first it looks like it says that mastodon is dead but towards the end it praises it for being a great tool of online democracy, and I tend to agree with this view


@mauro_motion @editor @Gargron Yeah, the article is quite inconsistent. First it seems like it argues there's no point fighting with centralization because it's natural and therefore inevitable and later admits that federation, self-hosting and other aspects of or are helping in pursuing that democratic ideal. The whole democratic analogy is extreme oversimplification, though. Market competition still creates centralized oligopolies even withing real-world democracy, for example.

@ondra @mauro_motion @editor @Gargron there is a LOT of single user / small user count instances as seen from here. around 4k instances active per week, I don't think federation failed...

Of course you have the big first 10s, but it seems to me it is an entry point to the fediverse more than a permanent home..

@federationbot @mauro_motion @editor @Gargron That's the power of ... "the most frequently occurring 20% of items represent less than 50% of occurrences; or in other words, the least frequently occurring 80% of items are more important as a proportion of the total population." (

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