Did the European Parliament just outlaw the only Europe-made social network with #Article13?

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Am I supposed to remove OEmbed and OpenGraph previews to comply with #Article11, because news sites can't just not put the OpenGraph tags on their pages, the main purpose of which is to generate previews?

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@Gargron Can you tell me what part in particular has you concerned? I just re-read it, and it certainly seems bad, but I don’t see it as catastrophic. What am I missing?

@a There is no method by which Mastodon could filter uploads against copyright violations.

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«Article 13's provisions target commercial web hosts which "store and give the public access to a large amount of works or other subject-matter uploaded by its users which [they] organise and promote for profit-making purposes"».

I don't think this applies to the Fediverse, really. It's more like an abstract portrait of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

@antonlopez @Gargron @a That "profit-making purposes" is interesting, is that actually in the text of the article? I don't remember that from the original, but I'm sure there have been amendments since then.

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Yet another interesting bit: if you're under 10 M €/yr you don't have to implement any filter:

@hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron @a

Definitely, this filter thing doesn't apply the Fediverse.


@antonlopez What you've linked is proposed amendment. There are no exceptions from and the ones from apply only for 3 years... More here (including the link to the full final text): juliareda.eu/2019/02/eu-copyri @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron @a

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