"Leaked video shows Google’s vision for Android-based feature phones and apps" by Kyle Bradshaw 9to5google.com/2019/09/20/anal

Who wants to bet that the apps will be web-based?

- Doesn't run Google Play Store
- Google Maps Go is a PWA
- Proxx is a PWA
- KaiOS is web-based

@nolan Wouldn't under-powered feature phones struggle with web apps? My mid-range Samsung does sometimes and it's got multiple GBs of memory (and cores…)

@hjst That's exactly why platforms like KaiOS are so amazing. The default assumption is that the mobile web is "slow." But clearly it's possible to build mobile webapps and browsers that run well on feature phones, or else KaiOS wouldn't have millions of users.

@nolan Interesting, so presumably this depends on big co’s making “lite” versions of their apps/sites available? Facebook for instance, I remember they have such a thing. There’s the plain HTML version of Gmail as well.

I see Google has invested; makes sense given the size of the market.

I do wonder what that version of Google Maps is like, even the native Android app is enough to cause my phone to stutter.

@ondra Awww, that link bounces to regular Google Maps in Safari on my iPad 😢

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