(en) Hey folks! I've just did an upgrade to the library that we use to access mastodon and twitter. It should be fine, but as usual, if you see any issues in the coming days, let me know :)

(pt) Oi, povo! Eu acabei de fazer uma atualização da biblioteca que o crossposter usa pra acessar o mastodon e o twitter. Deve ser livre de problemas, mas como de costume, se você ver problemas nos próximos dias, me avise!

-- @renatolond

@ondra @crossposter It's possible, it could be that the new version of the lib broke compatibility with the pleroma implementation somehow, I'll take a look when I have sometime!

@ondra @crossposter Hey :) Nothing to do with the update, but it is indeed a bug, thanks for the notice, I expect to have a fix out soon :)

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