A lot of people are switching from #WhatsApp to #Signal these days. I don't like where it's going. Messaging should be as decentralised as e-mail is, otherwise we're heading to the same problem as we had with WhatsApp. Who guarantees that Signal won't be acquired by somebody we dislike in the future? For example, Matrix is a better alternative as its decentralised protocol guarantees that it can't be fully owned by anyone. (And there are possibly more options.) (nest.jakl.one/notes/2021-01-11)

@jaklt Hey there! As Signal is official a nonprofit organization it can't be sold/bought that easily. I'm also waiting (since Jabber/XMPP - Sadly, the mainstream did not jump on it T_T) for a decentralized solution - Let's see if Antox will become *the* alternative by the end of 2021 :) Jami is also decentralized and works pretty well. Have a great day and best regards Phil

Thanks PhiKoen, I didn't know Antox. The point I was trying to make is that we can never know what happens in the future. What if the members of the current Signal foundation give up on the project and become replaced by people who decide to monetize it with ads, track their users, ... If that happened and you decided to start using something else then you lose all your Signal contacts and have to start from scratch again. Decentralisation neatly solves this problem… nest.jakl.one/replies/2021-01-


@jaklt Or, you know, you move to a different country and need to change your phone number. :) And don't get me started on having everything dependent on a mobile native app (available only for 2 dominant platforms) having to run all the time...
Seems like people never learn.

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