Folks who have set up to automatically delete their toots, two questions:

1. Why?

2. How do you automate your account data backups?

I often bookmark toots and come back to them weeks or even months later.

Guess I gotta start figuring out another strategy...


@celia Same here. I'm slowly realizing that my problem is that I prefer quality over quantity and low noise to signal ratio but most social networking nowadays is modeled around superficial ephemeral interactions. It forces people to keep checking the site because of FOMO. They need to maximize your time on the site, not signal ratio. To keep you entertained. You just refresh the page and won't even see the same posts, ever. Mastodon is still copying a lot the same decisions, sadly.

@ondra @celia I have heard a theory that maybe every social network needs *the algorithm* in the end, and that's why all of them keep evolving that way, sadly

@peter @celia If users keep subscribing more content, sure. But for example RSS reader doesn't need algorithm. Of course it can implement it to surface or suggest other content as well.
Though even the algorithm can also be optimized to keep you consuming content OR to give you the posts you might be most interested in.

For example, Mastodon timeline si limited to only couple hundred posts / couple days back. It's hard to find valuable posts so you will be less likely to post them here.

@peter @celia @ondra that's exactly why I like mastodon.. there's no "algorithm", everything is displayed to everyone.. from facebook one finally feels that he is there alone, that if he does not interact with anyone, his contributions at all don't show.. and if someone posts spam? there is no better way than to remove him/her from friends.. but networks like FB are designed to have as many friends as possible.. therefore they need intelligent algorithms to filter out spam..

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