already started selling to customers, inviting those who pre-ordered it for test drives. (It still has to be imported from Vienna.)

@Eva and I were decided to buy the (Long Range) in the summer of 2019. The only thing left was our ultimate “garage test”.
But despite previously having an even longer car and lowering the edge of the driveway by a few centimeters, the combination of its slope and Model 3’s wheelbase (and clearance) resulted in an unpleasant plastic-grinding sound. 😝
Since we don’t travel much over the winter anyway, we decided to wait for the rumoured with air-suspension or Model Y...


Then the covid hit and we practically stopped traveling anywhere. So we were glad to not have a brand new car we wouldn’t have any use for.
Meanwhile @davidvavra bought his own Model 3 (already in Czechia) and we agreed on a sharing scheme. They are living close (enough) so whenever we need the car, we book it in advance in a shared calendar and then walk to it with our paired phone(s) and just drive away...

However, I've finally cancelled my pre-order short after the company bought Bitcoin and effectively erased all ecological progress its business ever brought during its entire existence.*
It's still a great car with the best batteries and efficiency on the market but I’m also not a fan of the lock-in tendencies like not having an option to use Android Auto or eventually being able to share your autonomous car only through Tesla’s ride-hailing service etc.


The Tesla we usually use was already booked for the date of our vacation so we finally borrowed an Volkswagen ID.3 which we wanted to try ever since its announcement. After test driving it for 8 days and 500+ km, we are seriously considering getting our own.
It has some advantages over Model 3... It's a better fit for narrow european roads, passes our garage test(!), has a display in front of a driver, subjectively better ride comfort, supports Android Auto etc.

To be fair, its software and overall UX is still a mixed bag, though. Controls are far from intuitive, especially the unobvious capacitive buttons with swipes, soft vs hard (and accidental) presses and the haptic feedback. Plus it’s receiving the first OTA update this month, almost a year after 1st deliveries. Future ones should come every 3 months. Hopefully one of those will bring true one-pedal driving. Permanent 5 km/h creep mode never made any sense to me.

@ondra So you wanted to power your Tesla with something other than electricity? Or what is your point?

@raucao I don't want to support wasting any form of energy. What is your point?

@ondra Cool, so you driving alone in your Tesla is your god-given right, but us creating better money is not?

Bitcoin mining does not waste energy from where I stand. In fact, there's not a single entity on Earth that was ever able to turn the meager amount that bitcoin used so far into the same value when measured in USD.

And how much more electricity will we need to switch all transport to electric? Where will that come from? It's obvious we need *much* more electricity in the first place.

@raucao :)
I try to minimize my energy consumption in general and when I do use a car, I use an electric and a shared one. EVs have 2-3 times higher efficiency so even just switching to them saves energy. Not to mention other effects like their potential to help balancing the grid etc.
But even if the electricity demand gets higher (it was shrinking in the last decades), that “better money” goes the opposite way. Creating a huge power demand where there was none before...

@raucao I’m all for “better money” but this ain’t it, chief.
Value of money is just a function of people believing in it. In that sense, creating a new currency -- like EUR -- brought much more value for a fraction of the amount of energy.

@ondra So you are claiming that you personally are the arbiter of what people should do or think, and that all bitcoin users around the globe should listen to you about it not being useful to them? Also, EUR didn't "bring value" or create it. It simply redistributed a lot of value from the bottom to the top so far. And bitcoin is not just for your privileged ass, but for the billions who don't have access to your money in the first place.

@raucao No, these ridiculous claims are coming only from your head. I simply stated that I don't want to support it.
Funny you realize that mere value redistribution in EUR but not in BTC. How does it help people who don't have money?

@ondra That's because you have to invest energy to create BTC and thus its value. It helps poor people by governments not being able to steal from the over time via inflation. It also helps half the world who isn't able to get bank accounts to do business, especially across borders.

@raucao By that logic, powering a heater in the middle of a desert also creates value.
When you have no money, inflation is not your biggest concern.
There were options for unbanked people long before BTC. Can you point me to any examples or statistics on poor people using BTC to do their business and then paying for daily necessities with it? :)

@ondra LOL, what were the alternatives? I have traveled the globe for 10 years, mostly in poor countries, and I have never seen one that wasn't a rip-off.

Demanding both store of value and unit of account at the same time in this early stage is unreasonable. That's not how new money develops. And paying for daily necessities with your savings is not what people do.

@ondra Not being able to build wealth over time is how people and countries stay poor. Inflation plays a big role in that, especially for the countries not printing the new money. Whoever is closest to the printer benefits the most, and the people farthest away from it are merely being robbed from, slowly but steadily.

@raucao So it doesn't help poor people, only might one day? Your imaginary poor people are wealthy enough to afford all the necessary skills and technology, have savings and keep them in BTC which may lose half the value anytime Elon wakes up on the wrong side of bed? But inflation is their biggest nightmare, sure. :)

@ondra Regarding the heater logic: no, because the heat just evaporates. WIth BTC, the entropy is being stored in a format that can be used later, and can be transferred around the globe from anyone to anyone. Creating digital scarcity is revolutionary concept, and absolute scarcity has never been discovered in human history. You can always find more gold for example, even if it's hard.

@Râu Cao Bitcoin has no value. BTC is just reward among some people in race of wasting energy and computing hardware. If you dont share this stupidity, it has no value. Its just consumption token promising winning a price for those who consume most but the prices are just fragment of real value sold in energy and hardware... in real currencies.

@ondra Are you seriously claiming that 1) moving all transport off oil isn't going to drastically increase electricity demand and 2) your personal car rides are still more important than whatever other people buy electricity for?

@raucao Again, I didn't claim any of that. If we're talking about getting rid off oil now, then we'll likely need more electricity, yes. Although we can also use for example hydrogen, travel less (as covid showed is possible) etc.

@ondra Travel is a blip on the radar compared to the rest of transport, industry, and agriculture. And it's not just "more", it's *much* more. Even if you drive less, and we just want the developing world to have Western standards of living. Either you say electricity use is bad per se, including for your Tesla, or you accept that we'll need more of it every year, and a lot.

@raucao That's a classic false dichotomy. It's not either nothing or scorched earth. We have to be rational in how we use energy and I'm trying to do my part.

@ondra It is certainly not. You pretend that we can get away with not using much more electricity to begin with. Not going to happen.

@ondra ... Even YOU claim the right to drive a car, while an electric bike would use 30 times less energy. So no, you're not trying very hard to be honest.

@raucao Again, that's not what I said. (Although we didn't use any electricity 140 years ago so theoretically we can lower it's consumption again.)
You are trying to rationalize BTC's energy consumption by a strawman argument of rising energy needs in general. That doesn't justify wasting energy unnecessarily, though. Especially when we don't have enough clean energy.

You don't know shit how hard I try. :)

Just replace proof of work (Bitcoin) with proof of stake (Ethereum 2.0, Cardano) and you get the advanteges of decentralized cryptocurrency withou the extreme power consumption.

If Elon was doing it because he believed in crypto/blockchain and not just for publicity, he would accept Cardano, or something else that is PoS.

@vitSkalicky Yep, that's what I didn't get about the whole Tesla-BTC stunt. They could have pulled off the same pump and dump with some PoS crypto, at least.

@ondra @vitSkalicky You both don't understand why PoS is not a viable replacement for PoW, so then you can also not unserstand why Tesla doesn't store reserves in PoS shitcoins.

@ondra If you're really considering getting the ID.3 over a Tesla, you might want to consider that VW doesn't really have a clear conscience either: Though it does look like an awesome car! I'd love to drive one, but unfortunately it won't be coming to the US.

@rav4s Yeah, I've noticed this in the news today. Plus the Hitler part, ... :/
But there's honestly just a handful of non-SUV EVs and ID.3 is probably the only one with a longer range. Maybe apart from Renault Zoe.

@ondra Thanks for the mention, I forgot I'm on this social network :)

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