Finally there's a wifi-connected USB "flash memory stick" which is basically a smart MicroSD card reader.
I have had so many use-cases for this already... Displaying files on a (somewhat) , exporting captures from etc.


After multiple delays, finally arrived today and it kinda sucks for now at least for the mostly multi-media use-cases I had in mind... It creates a hotspot, I connected to it and used the web interface to configure Maypole to use our home wifi. It reconnects to it after each boot.
But it seems to have stability issues, it's usable only for small singular files, there's no support for downloading folders, gets so hot I have trouble removing it from the USB port etc.

@ondra Absolutely off topic, but I love the SSID. :)

@janjaromirhorak Yeah, there are only 2 kinds of people in the world. Cat lovers and those with gardens. :)

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