Who would want their washing machine to just do the laundry when you can spend time updating it via a smartphone app first??

Is 's market research showing that there are customers who would consider non-automatic obtrusive updates anything other than a nightmare?


What the hell?
I hate this so much... How hard is it to....

Why is it, that I cannot get a web browser to a game console, but a fucking fridge will require an internet connection?

Every single feature they mentioned could have been done through a touch screen and a locked OS. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT, that they plan their users to write custom scripts, and manual will contain a fridge API, so that use is also out.

Smart house is an interesting concept, but the problem with it is that is is a CHORE to work with.

While it does offer some advanced options, and even if I ignore the ridiculous setup, who has time to change the settings every time your rutine changes slighty?

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