It’s funny to see open source and tech geeks discussing’s “People don’t want to run their own servers” and claiming that he “doesn’t get it.” It shows nicely everything that’s wrong with this bubble. No, he actually gets it, and you still don’t.

@WPalant People also don't want to follow politics, decide who to vote for, go vote, participate etc. Hence dictatorship is the way to go because that's what people want. Dictators get it an you still don't.
Maybe, just maybe, both can be true at the same time? People preffer accessible tech and to "maximize" their freedoms.
Benevolent dictator Moxie is arguably not the ideal way to go. Making it easy for people to make their own choices is what we all should strive for.

@ondra Let’s talk again once the benefits and inner workings of the distributed web are taught in school. With at least the same number of hours that democracy gets. 🙃


@WPalant I really believe it's time for people to realise that IS . Same principles that apply to are applicable to . The true long-term solution is education of the general public, not the easy way of blindly trusting centralized authorities promising to do slightly better.
In that sense I agree that Moxie really "doesn't get it". Mostly, he's just defending his design choices thru the lens of his confict of interest.

@ondra You yourself brought the perfect counterargument to that. Democratic countries put massive effort into educating the population. In addition, a number of control instances have been designed specifically to guard against a majority that will willingly hand the power to a dictator. And yet we’ve seen several democracies struggle or fail in recent years alone. Any concepts relying on people doing the “right” thing are fragile to impossible.

@WPalant Agree. It's a hard, never-ending struggle. But it's an ideal to strive for. No easy solutions, as usual. :)

Though still preferable to: "People don't know better so we might as well make some money out of it."?

@ondra I’d go with the more realistic “use regulation, financial incentives and whatever other measure works to keep competition alive, making sure there is a number of usable competing solutions including open source ones.” Not as ideal, but I just don’t see anyone put anywhere close to the amount of effort into a decentralized web as in democracies.

@WPalant Yeah, in reality those 2 visions mostly converge. As in democracy, regulation, competition and incentives are all part of the system.

It's not just a decentralized web, though. Money, cars (infotainment, V2G, autonomous taxi services), VR, AI, surveillance... We see the tech=politics everywhere and it's only accelerating. There might not be any democracy left if people won't realize soon that they are actually voting for Facebooks and Apples of the world to govern their lives.

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