already started selling to customers, inviting those who pre-ordered it for test drives. (It still has to be imported from Vienna.)

@mastohost Hi, I can't upload even a tiny (652 KB) 720p .webm video... Getting 504 Gateway Time-out. Works on What's wrong?

This is how you deliver food... It's not like has any cars or something. is a nice concept in but the inability to skip within a video (or at least current plot segment) quickly turned it into a rather frustrating experience for me.
If something distracts you and you want to go back a minute but another choice was already presented to you, you are out of luck and the only option is to restart the whole movie again. And even if there wasn't any choice, you have to go back by 10 second decrements.

After using the (i7) for more than a week:

+ Speakers are the best part (even bit too bass heavy)
+ Great display
+ Even better battery life than (~10 hours) and charges super fast
• Photos from the cameras are better but nowhere near Pixel 2 XL so I still tend to have the phone nearby just for taking pictures. :/
apps are still a joke and if you have them disabled, the Camera app is replaced with Chrome one which doesn’t have portrait mode for example.

🇨🇿 in czech 

Nechápu, proč zrovna CZ.NIC, který obvykle aktivně prosazuje open-source a , rozdává , jedno z nejuzavřenějších zařízení na trhu, na které si člověk nenainstaluje ani moderní browser-engine.

disturbingly looking dinner 

Girlfriend is abroad on a business trip and if our neighbours saw me cutting this beet, I'm sure police are on their way.

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