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Just got our 2nd Comirnaty (Pfizer–BioNTech) dose.
I'm glad, but still have mixed feelings about it. I mean, good for all the people (from countries which hoarded the vaccines) posting that they finally went for a beer or got a haircut, but there are others around the world who need the more than I do...

To be fair, its software and overall UX is still a mixed bag, though. Controls are far from intuitive, especially the unobvious capacitive buttons with swipes, soft vs hard (and accidental) presses and the haptic feedback. Plus it’s receiving the first OTA update this month, almost a year after 1st deliveries. Future ones should come every 3 months. Hopefully one of those will bring true one-pedal driving. Permanent 5 km/h creep mode never made any sense to me.

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The Tesla we usually use was already booked for the date of our vacation so we finally borrowed an Volkswagen ID.3 which we wanted to try ever since its announcement. After test driving it for 8 days and 500+ km, we are seriously considering getting our own.
It has some advantages over Model 3... It's a better fit for narrow european roads, passes our garage test(!), has a display in front of a driver, subjectively better ride comfort, supports Android Auto etc.

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Then the covid hit and we practically stopped traveling anywhere. So we were glad to not have a brand new car we wouldn’t have any use for.
Meanwhile @davidvavra bought his own Model 3 (already in Czechia) and we agreed on a sharing scheme. They are living close (enough) so whenever we need the car, we book it in advance in a shared calendar and then walk to it with our paired phone(s) and just drive away...

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@Eva and I were decided to buy the (Long Range) in the summer of 2019. The only thing left was our ultimate “garage test”.
But despite previously having an even longer car and lowering the edge of the driveway by a few centimeters, the combination of its slope and Model 3’s wheelbase (and clearance) resulted in an unpleasant plastic-grinding sound. 😝
Since we don’t travel much over the winter anyway, we decided to wait for the rumoured with air-suspension or Model Y...

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While on a daily morning meeting I've noticed there's another one going on outside the window, apparently... Hope they are not planning some heist. :)

Captured by @Eva

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Chaos pokračuje. Teď nám v ulici navzdory domluvě místních s nakreslili onu modrou na chodník.
Aby mohli zaparkovat 3 majitelé auta co nejblíž domu (ač mají vjezd/garáž), stovky chodců včetně obyvatel blízkých domovů pro seniory nebo maminek s kočárky budou muset opakovaně přecházet silnici mimo přechod.
Samozřejmě to tak nemůže zůstat a bude se tak značení už minimálně potřetí předělávat. Projekty, zakázky, stovky hodin i tisíc Kč, vyhozených sloupků, značek…

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Had no idea that 's "includes international tracking" can still mean you can only guess which country (or continent) the package is in for the last 3 weeks despite frequent updates.

Oh great. Our 3+ years old just got recalled for power board replacement. 🙄

Finally there's a wifi-connected USB "flash memory stick" which is basically a smart MicroSD card reader.
I have had so many use-cases for this already... Displaying files on a (somewhat) , exporting captures from etc.

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Fio banka podle všeho odesílá přihlašovací formulář do svého internetového bankovnictví přes nezabezpečené připojení, takže Chrome 86 zobrazuje celostránkové varování...

already started selling to customers, inviting those who pre-ordered it for test drives. (It still has to be imported from Vienna.)

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