"Without regulatory or legislative change, we risk losing a universal, free and open, write once, deploy anywhere, application distribution and deployment system..."

"Apps built with the free and open need equal treatment and integration. Closed and heavily taxed proprietary ecosystems should not receive any preference."


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If you're in the UK or US, you still have one week to send your comments on how 's arbitrary lack of choice on is causing harm to businesses, developers and users alike. Please, use that opportunity to finally rid the of shackles...

, October 7

A free, online, single-track on Progressive Apps organized by Google, Microsoft, Samsung Internet and Intel

now offers -based teleoperation solution allowing complete control of Spot robots via keyboard and mouse or joystick controllers. Also allows others to watch the operation by simply sharing a link etc.
Recently there's been some talk that the web should be just for document sharing. Try the above with any other platform. We'd likely end up with yet another Windows app. That's why it makes sense to bring new web APIs such as etc. (~7:30)

Does it lock you in? Is it built on top of open protocols or APIs? Is it decentralized? Federated or distributed? Does it work without a mobile device and/or phone number? Can anybody implement their own client for any OS or the or are you stuck with the ones the app is available for? Failing that, you are surrendering your freedoms to somebody else making the choices for you. And they can change these decisions anytime in the future.

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Circumventing censorship using Service Workers

"By leveraging the service worker ... to act as a proxy, redirecting all requests to the best available mirror.

These mirrors are hosted on ‘too big to block’-platforms, following the principle of Collateral Freedom.
Our next step in this project: use IPFS (a P2P or peer-to-peer networking protocol) to distribute content."

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"In January, we announced the migration of the Citrix Workspace app for Chrome users to Citrix Workspace app for Android.
If you transitioned to Citrix Workspace app for Android on Chrome OS, we ask that you start transitioning back to Citrix Workspace app for Chrome."

Always bet on the , people. :)

The clean room engine launched in May 2018 is already able to render most of the full desktop Gmail.
Apparently, it's still possible to develop a browser from scratch. And not just possible but useful, since Flow claims to "deliver over twice the frame rate of other browsers".

is a game-changer (pun intended).
to any device ( browser or via ) of yours and to other viewers at the same time. But ALSO massive , next-level and , new gaming-mode possibilities (+ return of the 🙌), direct links into specific parts of (), instant switching between devices and more.
Coming to North America and Europe this year...

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🇨🇿 in czech 

Nechápu, proč zrovna CZ.NIC, který obvykle aktivně prosazuje open-source a , rozdává , jedno z nejuzavřenějších zařízení na trhu, na které si člověk nenainstaluje ani moderní browser-engine.

New APIs proposed as part of 's initiative to close the gap between web and native: Writable file API, scheduled tasks, Web Share Target, Async cookies, Wake Lock, WebHID, user idle detection, icon notification badge, unlimited storage permission, geotracking, geofencing...

So the most annoying websites bugging with request for push notifications you've blocked from asking again are now prominently displayed as disabled among intentionally installed apps and push-allowed webapps in Chrome OS 70 settings tray... What a way to encourage bad behaviour. :(

Internet freedom suffered another blow today. But it's still possible to win this battle before the final vote next year. And since it's an election year, they might actually listen.