@marketkag, Mikuláš Peksa, @patrickbreyer, and I officially formed a delegation of European Pirates in the European Parliament yesterday. Now, I have the honor to be the head of a delegation that spans across two countries, which is unconventional in the European Parliament.

@jwildeboer @tpheine Except they blocked most (in cooperation with ) of the VPNs and region-changing services. I vividly remember the CEO justifying it by saying: “The basic solution is for Netflix to get global and have its content be the same all around the world so there’s no incentive to [use a VPN]."
Source: independent.co.uk/arts-enterta

@jwildeboer Thought so. Ironically, kinda promised those types of deals will end with their global roll-out... help.netflix.com/en/node/4976

@sesivany @jwildeboer originals are usually missing from Netflix in a certain country when local TV station purchased exclusive rights, until it is aired there.

@sesivany @jwildeboer I wish we had access to everything we're paying for anywhere in the world. :)

@jwildeboer FWIW, it appeared 3 days ago in my (Czech) account.

@baldur Push notifications are the key functionality for a lot of potential web apps. It's hard to judge when there's basically only one other browser engine suggesting which APIs are worth implementing... I simply don't trust with these decisions. I think you'd agree that support is definitely low on their priority list.
Who knows, maybe if other browser engines were allowed on , PWAs would have already been majority of the App Store... Apple keeps making sure we'll never know.

@baldur Most people don't have a clue that the browsers they are using is still the same or worse but I'm surprised anybody who deeply understands what's going on is willing to help them in their long-standing battle against the only universal and open (meta-)platform there is.

@baldur I'm not suggesting they have to support all of them. The problem is that by not allowing other browser engines they are deciding which of these are allowed on iOS devices. And as a result often which of these APIs (hence platform in general) will gain any traction at all. All while most of their revenue comes from their own proprietary platform mostly overlapping with the web’s potential functionality. Their market strength is too high for that.

@baldur Push notifications, web share, background sync, web bluetooth, web USB...

@baldur So if I understand it correctly, you are -- even as a -- OK with arbitrarily holding back support of various APIs while having the huge conflict of interests? Willing to keep giving up freedoms for a promise of privacy?

@velartrill "Chinese mathematicians discovered algorithmically efficient prime formula"

@Tryphon @baldur @alcinnz Exactly. Their privacy BS is mainly about preventing any other business model by forcing everyone to sell their proprietary apps and services through the only allowed marketplace with a mandatory cut for Apple.

@nolan And yet, the significant portion of still doesn't understand that outsourcing most of your technological freedom to is equally stupid.

@nolan The workaround is to divide followed accounts into smaller lists (with the same limit).

@nolan Yes, specific accounts' timelines go as far back as your server's database but if I for example didn't see this post of yours yesterday, it may have gotten pushed out of my Home timeline by 500 (or what's the actual limit) other posts in the meantime.
Even if I'd have time to skim through the whole timeline (and beyond) over the weekend for example, I'd hit the end of the timeline. The rest of the missed posts is in each account's timeline but you'd have to check them manually.

@nolan But I'm aware this can quickly turn into a philosophical discussion about value of information and how it declines over time and that this is a fundamental design "flaw" of . But maybe being able to increase this limit so people can spend couple of days away from without fear of missing interesting posts would go a long way.

@nolan I understand this is more of a Mastodon server-side decision but the most stressful aspect of using Mastodon/Pinafore for me is the limit on a number of posts on the timeline. Depending on a number of posts by accounts you follow, they can disappear in a day or so. (Even one account going wild for a moment can wipe interesting posts out of your timeline basically forever.) This creates FOMO which forces people to check back every so often whether it fits their priorities or not.

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