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@lmorchard Yep, WebFinger was my only issue when moving to own Mastodon instance... FWIW, I put the /.well-known/host-meta on Firebase static hosting for free: social.unextro.net/@ondra/1006

In advance of next week's @w3c #TPAC2018 meetings in Lyon, it's worth thinking about how we, as the technical community, can mitigate against the further balkanization of the web.

@torgo @w3c And most countries are still trying to mold the internet into that. :)
But by all means, let's push back from the technology side as well.
combined with distribution via for example, will be much harder to control.


@torgo @w3c Is balkanization even a technical question, though? (Apart from the necessary decentralization.) Creating technology that would be harder to constrain by laws? Countries can ban any solution, even , etc. Then encouraging civil disobedience? It seems like a predominantly political/social issue to me.

@micaai Evidentně mají moc klientů, je potřeba jich zase trochu setřást.

@wouter215 @MicroSFF No silicon heaven'? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?

We finally released #PeerTube v1!


Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

Have a nice week 😋

@fuxoft Samozřejmě všechno výhradně republikánští prezidenti. :)

@scottjenson Not sure I'm looking forward to the future where I'll get free fries for adding McDonalds to my "desktop", though.
Because this is apparently what's so valuable for them... The re-engagement potential through an app icon, push notifications and possibly some basic surveillance practices native app allows over web.

@pandora_parrot @infra Actually, I don't know about a single working relay at the moment. All I've found before are out of order.

@baldur Windows aren't hassle-free and iPad is still basically a big phone with inferior browser.
Google is closing the app gap with Android and Linux apps for now. Plus you get full browser and can connect the Slate to an external monitor and have a full desktop environment.
I'm not trying to say it's better, just that it has its strengths over others. For an increasing number of users, it's actually best OS choice. And some of them want best HW to go along with it.

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