@lmorchard Hey, it's . But it's not really popular here either. :)

@sam Voice is becoming less relevant but the increasing reliance on phone numbers is insane. Especially with services like WhatsApp (or Telegram, honestly). That's why carriers came up with RCS, it's an attempt to monetize the huge mobile messaging market and solidify the phone # lock-in for the future. Plus mobile # is nowadays the de-facto single personal identifier for marketing purposes. Facebook recently started using even the numbers provided for 2FA for targeting. @owenthecat @kaniini

@aardrian Most of the AMP URLs will probably still contain some mention of amp. Otherwise we're back to educating about accessibility as with all other webpages, I guess...
FWIW, AMP pages should link to their canonical URLs: amp.dev/documentation/guides-a

@aardrian That's what I'm talking about. How is that bad? It's using signed exchanges exactly as the standard defines it and any other use-case will. I'm not a fan of AMP either but this is so much better than Google serving pages from google.com pretending to be from known websites.

@aardrian I've seen so many knee-jerk reactions like this today... Signed exchanges (web packaging) are a big step forward for the web and it's being dismissed because uses it. :/

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@jwildeboer Well, yeah, serving the cached content from Google.com pretending to be the origin was IMHO much more phishing-esque and didn't allow the things mentioned in the quote.
The possibilities this opens are exciting: wicg.github.io/webpackage/draf

@ben @corbin You can still copy the same content to different origins if you want to. That's not changing. (But it would be nice not to have to load at least the 0.5 MB of the same fonts 3 times, for example.)

@ben @corbin This will further the , enable offline/p2p installation and sharing, you won't have to hand your SSL certificate to CDNs etc. And you're against it because it was born out of ? If there ever was anything good about AMP, I'd argue it's this.

@ben @corbin I don't understand how this "breaks the basic trust model of the web". It safely decouples origin from distribution channels. That's the biggest development for the web in years, opening a lot of possibilities.

@ben The work-in-progress implementation could, when it's ready it won't. @corbin

@fuxoft For 2 weeks already. Works great. Pity it took them so long after all the promises that they'll be among the first to support it...

@aaronpk Yeah, I've seen some tourists making the same mistake the other weekend at the riverbank... They didn't seem happy. :D

@aaronpk No worries, it's obviously worded just as a reminder. Hope you enjoyed it here in Prague!

@aaronpk That's the local team reminding you that you might get fined for leaving the scooter outside the green zone. Seems like you did that when you were in Prague? :)

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