@slightlyoff Of course they do. How else would they justify what they are continuing to support? It's the same with iOS users who realize what they've locked themselves into. It's much cheaper to solve the cognitive dissonance by lying to themselves that they are actually doing good. "Privacy!" is "But her emails" of technology and white headphones are just another red baseball hat.

@Gargron You lose? Wasn't the development paid from the donations made to Mastodon project?

@Gargron Zuckerberg never had anything even remotely resembling a vision. Facebook is essentially the same service as a decade ago. Even the quotations from the article are just a vague mishmash of abstract ideas and buzzwords. Facebook's future will remain to be shaped by the fast-growing companies it will keep buying to stay relevant.

UK Hellscape 

Government advice for those that are vulnerable?

Do your shopping at 2am

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COVID-19 vaccine 

Just got our 2nd Comirnaty (Pfizer–BioNTech) dose.
I'm glad, but still have mixed feelings about it. I mean, good for all the people (from countries which hoarded the vaccines) posting that they finally went for a beer or got a haircut, but there are others around the world who need the more than I do...

@slightlyoff Hope it won't be biased in favor of the firm that just hired you, though.

@torgo Yep, from both sides. To be clear, I'm not happy about Google's behavior either.
But The New Microsoft™ is pure marketing BS to me.

@torgo The browser (cold) war is back. I'm sorry for whataboutism, but AFAIK Microsoft preinstalled Edge to all Windows devices as a security patch in May, reset default browser choice and forced users to choose a default browser again with this dialog. At least this was the case for one of my clients (with few hundred thousand PCs). Remember when Microsoft was facing an antitrust lawsuit for a similar monopolistic behavior? This is even worse. What Google is doing is an annoyance in comparison.

@vitSkalicky Yep, that's what I didn't get about the whole Tesla-BTC stunt. They could have pulled off the same pump and dump with some PoS crypto, at least.

@rav4s Yeah, I've noticed this in the news today. Plus the Hitler part, ... :/
But there's honestly just a handful of non-SUV EVs and ID.3 is probably the only one with a longer range. Maybe apart from Renault Zoe.

To be fair, its software and overall UX is still a mixed bag, though. Controls are far from intuitive, especially the unobvious capacitive buttons with swipes, soft vs hard (and accidental) presses and the haptic feedback. Plus it’s receiving the first OTA update this month, almost a year after 1st deliveries. Future ones should come every 3 months. Hopefully one of those will bring true one-pedal driving. Permanent 5 km/h creep mode never made any sense to me.

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The Tesla we usually use was already booked for the date of our vacation so we finally borrowed an Volkswagen ID.3 which we wanted to try ever since its announcement. After test driving it for 8 days and 500+ km, we are seriously considering getting our own.
It has some advantages over Model 3... It's a better fit for narrow european roads, passes our garage test(!), has a display in front of a driver, subjectively better ride comfort, supports Android Auto etc.

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@raucao Again, that's not what I said. (Although we didn't use any electricity 140 years ago so theoretically we can lower it's consumption again.)
You are trying to rationalize BTC's energy consumption by a strawman argument of rising energy needs in general. That doesn't justify wasting energy unnecessarily, though. Especially when we don't have enough clean energy.

You don't know shit how hard I try. :)

@raucao So it doesn't help poor people, only might one day? Your imaginary poor people are wealthy enough to afford all the necessary skills and technology, have savings and keep them in BTC which may lose half the value anytime Elon wakes up on the wrong side of bed? But inflation is their biggest nightmare, sure. :)

@raucao That's a classic false dichotomy. It's not either nothing or scorched earth. We have to be rational in how we use energy and I'm trying to do my part.

@raucao By that logic, powering a heater in the middle of a desert also creates value.
When you have no money, inflation is not your biggest concern.
There were options for unbanked people long before BTC. Can you point me to any examples or statistics on poor people using BTC to do their business and then paying for daily necessities with it? :)

@raucao Again, I didn't claim any of that. If we're talking about getting rid off oil now, then we'll likely need more electricity, yes. Although we can also use for example hydrogen, travel less (as covid showed is possible) etc.

@raucao No, these ridiculous claims are coming only from your head. I simply stated that I don't want to support it.
Funny you realize that mere value redistribution in EUR but not in BTC. How does it help people who don't have money?

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