@torgo @InternetKevin @peter What pattern? (Honest question.) This is the first time I see Google "being critical" of Apple. Though Nth time Google employees found serious security issues in competitors' products (Windows, Meltdown & Spectre etc.) I didn't assume bad intention in this case.
Not that it's necessarily relevant, but I'd like to see Apple's privacy focus pointed to their own AppStore as well, BTW: twitter.com/AndyDavies/status/

@torgo @peter Wait, what? So you suggest that these vulnerabilities aren't there?
Same thing can be said about Apple having vested interested in hitting competitors' bottom line and strengthening the importance of their own cash cow that is AppStore.

@tomayac Interesting piece of history, but I don't agree with the whole "natural monopoly" sentiment at all... By that logic, everything lends itself to monopolies. Practically everything is simpler when it's decided for you. It's easier to use an iPhone and giving up significant portion of your freedom. It's easier, in a way, to live under dictatorship and not having to endure the mess that is democratic politics. That doesn't mean it's better overall a not worth striving for, though.

@sesivany Jo, zrovna to píšu v reakci na komentář pod jiným příspěvkem. :) Pokud vím, mělo by to mít právě takový efekt, to by byla super zpráva.

@sesivany Jsem docela zvědav, jak to Google s Chrome OS bude řešit. Doteď se bránili například Qualcomm Chromebookům, protože Qualcomm nedokázal zajistit podporu po dostatečně dlouho dobu.
Pokud vím, tak je Google všechny i upstreamuje, takže by na tom měli vydělat všichni.

@sesivany To byl právě můj point. 10 let možná tak akorát s tím Linuxem.
Schválně jsem to teď hledal a Catalina z roku 2019 ukončila např. podporu MacBooku Pro 2012. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacOS_Ca)
Stejně tak mám kolem sebe lidi s notebooky staré pod 10 let, pro které neexistují ovladače pro Windows 10.

@sesivany Inu, s Windows nebo Mac OS není zase tak běžné mít aktuální sytém na 10 let starém stroji.
O délce podpory jsem si zrovna podobně posteskl jen o pár minut dříve. (social.unextro.net/@ondra/1035)

All launching in 2020 and beyond will receive automatic updates directly from for at least 8 years since the device platform release.

I wish that was the norm with phones, TVs and other electronics as well.
Longer warranty, support and SW updates especially should be the subject of next big round of legislative push around the world.


@ivan That's from 2018. I've mentioned this here, let's see : social.unextro.net/@ondra/1035

Reposting is frowned-upon around here in general but I still consider it better than not posting here at all. Especially when the person still reacts to comments.
But of course, it would be better if the reposting actually worked at least, without losing crucial context in the process as in this case. :)

The other popular cross-poster is buggy as well, BTW: github.com/foozmeat/moa/issues

This week's @tag meetings included:

• Web Transport, to improve games and live streaming
• Proposals for APIs to measure clicks (like on an ad) -> conversion (like a purchase)


@brianna It's probably more about people not having a clue what that preinstalled app *keeps*.
It certainly *kept* randomly loosing my notes before I stopped using it years ago.

@philnash The private option should be the default everywhere. I'd blame this on the registrar.

Cold Meds 

@cypnk "Don't worry ma', no acceleration of projectiles to high velocities using electromagnetic field... Just plain old optically amplified electromagnetic radiation powerful enough to cut through things. Much safer."

@sesivany I'm with you, but RAR is not a good example. :) The open-source implementation doesn't support later versions of the proprietary format.

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