Listening to second concert in two days. 3 kilometers away. Through closed windows.

@marcel_kolaja @DJetelina Kromě svobod taky na důveru v příčetnost celého týmu lidí, který je schopen s něčím tak naivním a nereálným přijít. Buď jde o dechberoucí ignoranci, snahu vytřískat politické body od lidí, kteří tomu taky nerozumí, nebo budování vyjednávací pozice pro něco reálnějšího typu "vynutíme to jen pro velké hráče, které už jsme si definovali v legislativě pro jejich regulaci".

@ada Are things getting worse in the UK or is it just a coincidence?

File Handling ( obtained its 3rd LGTM and is approved to ship. It's a powerful Project Fugu 🐡 API allowing you to register a PWA as a (default) file handler for `.foo` files, so when the user clicks such a file in the file explorer, the PWA can handle it.

@Harald @DeveloperMemes Cunningham's Law states "the best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer."

@tomayac It's great tools like this exist but at the same time sad that they have to. :)

@ItsSheVee @elb +1 for open protocol(s). That's what enables all the different clients on all those platforms, different servers fitting different use-cases and/or communities but all connected together. And no single entity can take away the features people find useful because they can always start using a different client and/or server. I always found institutions, companies etc. depending on and promoting the centralized services extremely short-sighted.

@scottjenson But the "hacky" one can also be moved around more freely and is safer for users, I assume?

@mike @ultramagnus_tcv @A8bit There's also post editing support in 3.5, just not activated yet until enough servers support it...

@josh @heinzskunk
Also, some people, like me, are happy with the official or @pinafore web interface on mobile. But doesn't allow those to use all the features native apps can such as push notifications.

This seems like the sort of thing fediverse people would have an opinion on.

Quoting the Open Web Advocacy group: "🇺🇸US - The US agency NTIA is doing an investigation into Browsers and Web Apps. The EU is ending the #AppleBrowserBan, we need to ensure the US does the same and solve the core issues of Web App Equality/Interoperability and In-App Browsers. Save the web!"

Yep, from @unextro

"Moving your account ... will also irreversibly force everyone to unfollow your current account and follow your new account"

You can configure it here:

@kkostov Are you arguing for more browser diversity (1st paragraph) just not on iOS (2nd paragraph)?

The effort to make the web better is quite hindered by the significant user base that can't benefit from it (unless that effort is put into WebKit).
@tojiro @narF

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