@janjaromirhorak Yeah, there are only 2 kinds of people in the world. Cat lovers and those with gardens. :)

After multiple delays, finally arrived today and it kinda sucks for now at least for the mostly multi-media use-cases I had in mind... It creates a hotspot, I connected to it and used the web interface to configure Maypole to use our home wifi. It reconnects to it after each boot.
But it seems to have stability issues, it's usable only for small singular files, there's no support for downloading folders, gets so hot I have trouble removing it from the USB port etc.

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@mikulas_peksa Jako na potvoru není žádná z nich navržena koaličním partnerem. ;)

, October 7

A free, online, single-track on Progressive Apps organized by Google, Microsoft, Samsung Internet and Intel


@marcel_kolaja Not that I don't agree in principle, but some of the other services were affected simply because the outage generated so much secondary traffic:

"... in part because end-users also won't take an error for an answer and start reloading the pages, or killing and relaunching their apps, sometimes also aggressively.
... DNS resolvers worldwide handling 30x more queries than usual and potentially causing latency and timeout issues to other platforms."


Návštěvníci naší konferenci (online, 6. a 7. 11.) by si rádi poslechli něco o Mastodonu. Dokázal by nám s tím @ondra, @mig nebo @fuxoft pomoci a přihlásit přednášku na openalt.cz/?

@openalt Začátek listopadu je na mě moc na rychlo :/ , tak bych dal přednost @mig / @fuxoft, případně pokud by měli zájem třeba @mirek , @peter, @stepan ...

@nolan "" always wins in the long-term. It can be only delayed and that's exactly what is doing and Android mostly imitating. For some reason we still tolerate it, but it's definitely not too late to change it. If we'd have 2 closed desktop operating systems, web would have a hard time there as well.
That also makes it much harder for the "3rd competitor to emerge" since the thriving ecosystem of would allow anyone to circumvent the chicken/egg problem of "apps".

It's ironic how so many people are still afraid of battery longevity while prefers not to sell even their used electric cars because the batteries will outlive them.

"The task for our organization is to really try to keep hold of the batteries, and probably get into a second or third lease cycle for the car and then reuse the batteries," Diess explained. "[...] we would like to keep every one of the batteries forever."


@marcel_kolaja That's of course commendable but Disney didn't miss any chance, they know what they are doing and can change it any time. Why beg to give them money?
Wasn't Disney always THE Nemesis of all Pirates, BTW? With all their lobbying for copyright extensions etc.

@marcel_kolaja Free promo for Disney by EU's Vice-President... I'd rather *pirate* their movies if they don't want our money.

@tomayac Thanks! I've noticed Eugene Girard asking about it on the latest BlinkOn in May and @slightlyoff's response was basically that it was implemented by Microsoft... Hopefully they have dev Chrome devices available by now. ;)


@tomayac Any idea when this might be available on Chrome OS?

@nolan Doing the right thing is almost by definition harder. If it was easier than the bad choice, there wouldn't be any gap it can fill.
Of course, we should all strive for the freedom respecting choices to be as easy as possible, but the ones stripping you of your freedoms will always be at an advantage.

It also doesn't help that people usually assume new technology is automatically better in every respect and don't consider what they will give up by adopting it.

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

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