@benfrancis Still waiting for @mozilla to realize it's either that or progressive irrelevance.

With the commoditisation of mobile hardware, and the maturity of Progressive Web Apps, maybe now could be the time.

I'm here when you're ready, @mozilla 😉

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@torgo Gotta love how people ignoring its environmental impacts since the beginning will benefit from this the most.

@torgo One charger should be enough! In an ideal world. :P

@slightlyoff Yep, I don't like to see the focus on Android-based devices, but would the new Pixelbook be better than 1st-gen Samsung Galaxy Chromebook this time? Maybe 120Hz display? Proper detachable tablet, with OLED display, supporting 4K external display?
Pixelbook Go was the first Google ChromeOS device I skipped because it didn't offer anything interesting.
If the new Pixel(book) can't be the halo device it used to be, maybe we didn't miss that much?

@tojiro Skull hole-drilling is similar but still preferable to watching an Apple event.

"I operated dozens of booter ("DDoS-for-Hire") services... every single one of them used CloudFlare to protect my websites from rival DDoS attacks. Without CloudFlare's "neutral" security service offerings I couldn't have facilitated millions of DDoS attacks. It's hard to stress just how instrumental CloudFlare is in the success of a booter services operation, booters that didn't have protection from CloudFlare would not remain online very long." - rasbora.dev/blog/I-ran-the-wor

Farmbound is a free web game by @sil
In it, you build up a little farm by carefully arranging the pieces you're given. Items are randomly chosen, but the same each day for everyone. Farmbound works on desktop and mobile browsers.

@tomayac This, but also for features (e.g. 🐡), not just performance. Only that would make users aware of being held hostage in the fight against open web and missing out on useful functionality as a result.

@tomayac Good picture quality is easy to get used to. I can't go back from a 4K screen. What's worse, I have the same with OLED screens now. I have OLED smartphone, tablet, 4K Chromebook and TV and I'll probably end up buying a 4K OLED USB-C external display as well...

@tomayac Ah, the classic "but we do it for users, their security and convenience". As usual, it comes down to conflicts of interest and who makes decisions on behalf of users without their knowledge or consent.

@nolan I can't help but conclude that the next fight will be for the very definition of a web browser and what should be a "browser neutrality". Since the next logical step for Meta's platform-specific apps like Facebook or Instagram is to turn them officially into a web browser optimized for Meta-experience with all the tracking integrated right into it.

@hugo Yeah, it's almost daunting. All I've ever wanted from Netflix back in the day was to have all the good already-existing movies conveniently and legally available anywhere. Unfortunately we can't have nice things and every studio wanted their piece of cake and are forced to produce more lower-budget (mostly more niche) content.
After Netflix decided to lower the video quality during covid I'm back to pirating now.

@hugo I just maintain a watchlist and when there's an opportunity to watch something, I take it out from there. I'll never watch everything in it but that's kinda its purpose... to always know what I want to watch next the most. :) It's not a tasklist, just entertainment.

@DJetelina Oh OK, that sounds like disaster waiting to happen. :) And what does XMPP have to do with BIOS?

@DJetelina Wait, you have your desktop reset button connected to CMOS reset jumper or something? And why would you loose anything after resetting CMOS?

@slightlyoff @torgo I know a global enterprise that decided to disable SmartScreen entirely months ago because of the ridiculously unmanageable amounts of false positives it was generating. But hey, MS marketing can keep claiming it blocks more malicious websites than competition.

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