@peter I usually just open the page in Incognito mode and agree there. :)

The clean room engine launched in May 2018 is already able to render most of the full desktop Gmail.
Apparently, it's still possible to develop a browser from scratch. And not just possible but useful, since Flow claims to "deliver over twice the frame rate of other browsers".


@cassolotl It's even worse, posts with other hashtags show in my pinned search column as well but don't stay there after reload. Only the ones with the first 4 hashtags do.

@mastohost Oh yeah, your service and support is wonderful, I don't blame you in the slightest. Thanks anyway :)
I've thumb-uped the related issues on Github and see if will finally give some consideration to small instance use-cases...

@mastohost Yep, around 40. It was a big part of how I used Mastodon, kind of a substitute for Local timeline in combination with relays.

It turns out that since Mastodon 3.0.1 only the first four hashtags in a pinned hashtag search column actually work.


There's no warning, no error message, and no limit to the number of hashtags you can put into the box. It just... fails silently.

#mastodon #meta #github

@reillyeon Yeah, to view the alt texts on tablets (without keyboard) I always have to load the m.xkcd... :/

@mastohost Thanks. I've just noticed it keeps happening even after your patch. As soon as the 3 dots ("...") button appears withing the search column it's clear that some of the post won't be in pinned search column after the reload.

@mastohost They appear in manual hashtag search but aren't displayed in my permanent column combining different hashtags I'm interested in...

I got reports that a couple of instances where their federation stopped working. I suspect others also might have a slower federation because of jobs stuck in their Sidekiq queue.

I have done some debugging and came up with a patch github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ that I will start installing in a minute.

You should expect around a 15 second downtime during the patch installation.

This patch will strip metadata from audio files. This was the only way I found to solve this issue until a fix is issued.

@mastohost In addition to Sidekiq acting up, I've noticed my hashtag search column kept showing new posts but they were disappearing after reload and the last one was from 4 days ago. Now it seems to be working but the posts from those 4 days are probably lost forever?

🇨🇿 in czech 

🇨🇿 in czech 

@baldur People don’t know what app they’d find useful until someone comes up with it. Apple just makes sure it doesn't happen outside their walled garden. Though some use-cases are immediately killed by the very fact you have to install a native app first.
It reminds me Cory Doctorow’s eff.org/missing-devices

@baldur Some web apps are still impossible with current tech. Every couple weeks I'm speaking to people who have a great idea for a webapp but end up developing it as a native app because Safari doesn't support the necessary APIs.
You are thinking about the under-utilization of web platform's current potential, I'm talking about the potential for it to be so much more. It's harder to argue about apps that could have been hadn't Apple boycott them.

@baldur Attempting to rationalize Apple's conduct by straw-manning this into a question of website quality. Apple is impeding evolution of the web platform as a whole.

@nolan I believe the vision of FirefoxOS was that the web will be the platform even for high-end phones, eventually.
It can be argued that at least it's low-end part is proved already by KaiOS which is mostly based on the same (outdated) FirefoxOS code.

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