@nolan My preferred outcome would be Apple allowing at least other browser engines, alternate app stores/sideloading or even open bootloader at best.

Years in the making, days in the drafting, I've finally done it: I dug into the full history of important features missing from iOS/Safari and made it (roughly) human-readable:


@stepan @archos Já se teda do svého snažil před pár týdny ze zvědavosti dostat a už ho podle všeho smazali.

@sesivany @archos Tak svým způsobem to budoucnost je/byla, když po 20+ letech pořád žije, narozdíl od všech ostatních komunikátorů té doby a nejspíš i těch současných za dalších 20 let. :)

@LukeAlmighty Yeah, you are suggesting a strategy that wasn't successfully applied anywhere in the world and implying that all the scientists, politicians etc. totally missed basic facts and that all the countries have all these measures for no good reason and you talk about chasing the virus, experimental chemicals and whatnot but I'm the one delusional beyond reasonable conversation. Sure, sure. :)
@keddie @zatrsakr

@LukeAlmighty @keddie @zatrsakr PCR test are the way to return to somewhat normal life.
The main reason SARS-CoV-2 became so widespread is that a significant portion of infected doesn't show symptoms. That's one of the big differences from the flu you are comparing it to. So what you're used to working for flu doesn't work in this case and it's not an option.

@keddie Koukám, že ani po víc než roce nerozlišujete mezi imunitou a neinfekčností? To pak vysvětluje i to "namísto restrikcí..."
@zatrsakr @LukeAlmighty

@jackc @mig On to dnes Hanáček ve sněmovně takhle přesně popsal. Že proto s tím spěchali v sobotu večer, že šlo o hodiny a v neděli už by to bylo venku. Zachránili si zadky v poslední chvíli a ještě se tváří, že by za to měl dostat 🏅.

@tomayac @slightlyoff Can you elaborate a bit for us non-initiated? Do you consider the whole arc worth it or an episode we could have avoided if those who were right about this were listened to in the first place?

@msh @nolan And most people still don't know. Or that Apple tries to prevent that etc.
That's basically my point. People don't care about which platform the app is based on as long as it does what they expect. Developers care. (That's why Apple gets away with such theft in broad daylight.) But until we stop referring to "native" apps as mobile apps we are fueling this false dichotomy Apple and to some extent also Google want users to believe. I wouldn't underestimate importance of terminology.

@djoerd I've been harping on this point for ages* though I'm not sure a client can mitigate some of the underlying protocol design decisions. My thinking lately tends towards the conclusion that the most ethical social network is akin to and a reader.

* social.unextro.net/@ondra/1059

@msh @nolan We as a "technical audience" should probably start by setting the nomenclature straight. That's also my gripe with the linked article.* It constantly refers to Android/iOS apps simply as mobile. Though mobile is just a form-factor and shouldn't imply "native" (which is an unfortunate term for other reasons). PWAs work on mobile as well.

* social.unextro.net/@ondra/1060

@tomayac I love seeing articles like these, but it's constantly repeated throughout the whole article... By mobile app the author means Android/iOS app. Which is (partly) the reason we have the PWA barrier in the first place. :)

@tomayac "That mentality clashes with the decade-old conventional wisdom that developers should build mobile apps first, if not exclusively."
Writing an article about mobile web apps and still failing to grasp the difference between a platform and a form-factor... :/

@hugo FWIW, search for thin backpack seems to return relevant Google Images results. Some are even designed to be wearable under a jacket.

@mig @g Přesně o tenhle jednoduchý přístup se teď v rámci snaží @snikket_im ... Doporučil bych rozchodit a zkusit ten. Osobně XMPP taky pro svoje potřeby preferuju. Nepotřebuju vlastní Slack nebo Discord, stačí mi textový chat, na (video)hovory IMO stačí poslat link na jednu z mnoha existujících služeb. @Mac_CZ

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