@sesivany upgrade is still a simple reboot which takes <10 seconds... Windows are just a joke to anyone who has experienced a modern OS. (Haven't used Mac in a while.)

US politics 

@float13 @onepict @peter @michiel How does POLITICO/Morning Consult define "Republicans", though? Republicans being ~1/3 of "Americans" from the Reuters poll would allow both polls to be accurate.

ACT NOW to prevent national governments from dismantling encryption! You can help by sending an e-mail to the representative of your country in the Council. Read more and find draft letters in several European languages in my latest blog post. kolaja.eu/en/post/20201111-act

@surma If only there was some kind of open alternative, that can be run under ones own control... 🤔

@mastohost The one-person-company status reminds me that I remember reading somewhere on Masto.host that you were considering some kind of data takeout system accessible to your customers... Do you plan to/have some "Bus factor"* mitigation measure in place?


🇨🇿 in #Czech, COVID-19 

Tak nový ministr zdravotnictví , který má za cíl obnovit důvěru lidí, protože se zdiskreditoval, lhal v první hodině ve funkci na přímý dotaz novinářů, že nepodepsal petici za odstoupení Debiše... Fraška pokračuje.

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Mobilizon. Your events. Your groups. Your data.

Go behind the scenes of the design of #Mobilizon, our new tool to free your groups and events from Facebook.


(illus CC-By @davidrevoy)

This was a hack for work but is now used by me almost daily: A bookmarklet that speeds up the video on the current page by 25% with each click.

Useful when there are no speed controls, or — like YouTube — limit it to 2x, but I wanna go fasterrrrrr.


@keddie Nejlepší ministr zdravotnictví by teď byl prezident lékařské komory Milan Kubek.

@keddie Nejlepší ministr zdravotnictví by teď byl prezident lékařské komory Milan Kubek.

🇨🇿 in #Czech, nezabezpečená Fio banka 

@jackc Fio support se mě tak akorát zeptal jestli mám aktualizováno, po týdnu jestli mám ten problém pořád a dnes jestli mi to funguje v jiných prohlížečích. :)

Včera jsem to testoval na Android Chrome Beta a stejná chyba. Dnes jsem i s jiným Fio přihlášením (i přes hotspot) a na Chrome OS stejné.
Večer se mi updatovala všechna Chrome zařízení ve Stable kanále na 86 a všechno na nich funguje dál. Jen 2 Chromebooky, které jsou v betě, dál nefungují. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@peter The irony of it being proposed by Google rivals because they don't want to lose the ad revenue coming from tracking enabled by 3rd party cookies...

@mikulas_peksa Je to super, ale najít kdo z českých poslanců jak hasoval v té hromadě PDF je nadlidský úkol. :/

@tomayac Of course, web can't become an alternative until Apple allows it to compete.
Same as the EU parliament's proposal*, focusing on allowing competitive app stores will only further increase value of the 2 dominant mobile platforms. :/
A then we'll realize the multi-platform web would take care of the first problem anyway.

* social.unextro.net/@ondra/1049

Fediverse admin PSA 

Attention to #Mastoadmins

We are considering dropping support for host-meta and XRD support (inherited from GNU Social/OStatus) in next #Mastodon version, as the webfinger spec is enough and simpler.

As far as we know, no fediverse implementation relies solely on host-meta or XRD, so that wouldn't be a big change.

That being said, some deployments do (partly because of a guide I wrote ages ago, in OStatus times) depend on host-meta. That could be the case, for instance, if you installed Mastodon so that it is on social.domain.org but serving @foo@domain.org. In this case, please check that https://domain.org/.well-known/webfinger redirects to, or proxies, https://social.domain.org/.well-known/webfinger.

With nginx, this could be done like this:

location /.well-known/webfinger {
return 301 https://social.example.org$request_uri;

#Mastoadmin #Mastodev

@sesivany You are right, MojeID is the identity in this case.
Bank identity system is what worries me much more... bankovni-identita.cz/

@sesivany I just dread the day this will be required for gambling, porn and little bit later social networks, comment sections...

@michal Well, that wouldn't be YouTube's fault, would it. :)

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