@marcel_kolaja I hoped it was just a PR stunt by him but after seeing even Czech Government joining in¹ and media widely spreading this dangerous dass-information (how do you to call info pulled right out of...?), I'm willing to help in effort to counter this. Please do let me know if I can in any way. (I've planned to post this to Czech Pirate Party Forum.)

¹ mpo.cz/cz/rozcestnik/pro-media

@marcel_kolaja Thanks. Speaking of Breton, any chance for official (Pirate Party?) pushback against his nonsensical calls for streaming services to lower their content quality in Europe?

@mikulas_peksa "Health screening for frontier and posted workers must be carried out under the same
conditions as for nationals exercising the same occupations." This won't work since temperature screening is not preventing the spread of the virus. I'm for cooperation, against borders etc. but the reason for closing the borders is that there are huge differences in numbers and measures between countries.

@torgo Sounds like an over-aggressive battery optimization suspending the app?
I'm glad I've skipped WhatsApp exactly because of this single point of failure, BTW. (Plus phone number dependence.) That would be the first topic I'd love to discuss with you on of your web dev office hours. Whether the web platform is missing something to support standalone end-to-end-encrypted communicators.

@phel @peter Not just Teams (and other M$ services). I had to enable 3rd-party cookies for Google Drive, SoundCloud, PlayStation Store, official Czech COVID information website etc. Just in the last few weeks.

Let's make a deal: Young people will stay home during outbreak and old people will in turn stay home during elections.

Another idiotic internet-related action... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thierry Breton (European Commissioner for internal market) persuaded to downgrade video quality to solve a non-existing problem of internet traffic being too high because of people working from home.


@marcel_kolaja Ještě tam chybí, že naprosto nepochopitelně preventivně přiměla Netflix snížit kvalitu. Co síťová neutralita? WTF

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@sesivany US is a specific case, big portion of the population doesn't even have health insurance.

@sesivany It can reach high-risk groups without getting widespread. (E.g. one patient -> doctors -> patients.)
The main difference seems to be the availability of intensive care for them. Once there are too many, mortality rises...

Image credit: thespinoff.co.nz/society/09-03

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@torgo I've really meant social.unextro.net/@ondra/1037 ... I can't attend in London, for example. Remote one would have much wider potential reach and would also be a responsible thing to do these days.

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Pinafore dev 

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