@cwebber Any pointers to more info about network freedoms?

@wolfie @Gargron This + to preserve links... Warning message to owner's email address would be necessary to allow backup. But what's stopping users from reactivating the redirect and effectively restarting the clock? Is the percentage of space occupied by redirected accounts significant? If the space is a concern, the post auto-destruct feature after specified amount of time is IMO a more systematic solution.

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@Gargron It'll scare some users that their account data got wiped and they are starting a new one from scratch.

@nolan @tomayac Second that, I consider non-synchronized mobile notifications a step back.

@tomayac Never seen this in the default Mastodon web client or Pinafore so it's probably somewhere down the line...

@xj9 Years later, still based on Firefox 48, on feature phones, with Google investment and on the rise...

@kensanata I haven't tried it yet, but a m pretty sure it exports more than official takeout tool. Plus Alois is always open to other feature requests.
Just assumed you might be interested since it has for example an "option is to export all posts published to profile, pages, collections, and communities to JSON file, including all comments".

“Is there a cold war between Android and Chrome because of PWAs?”


I don’t know if the Cold War angle is true but it’s obvious from the post that Microsoft has the opportunity to become _better_ at PWAs than Google. Chromium-based PWAs, in the Windows Store, that can be progressively enhanced to use native APIs a la Electron but without Electron's downsides.

Still don't agree with MS's decision but it isn't hard to see the appeal. Not sure they can pull it off, tho

@geekonaut [When you realize these aren't your slides but decide to go with them anyway...]

@isagalaev @nikola @yogthos
Sadly, not all pages/webapps are completely stateless. After reload, you lose your position in the endless scrolling interface, draft of a post/message, algorithmic timelines reshuffle etc.

@jwildeboer Shouldn't the racist Youtube channel be a problem in the first place?

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[We're shutting down consumer G+ even sooner because we've introduced another security bug couple days after the first announcement but rest assured that we're fully invested into enterprise G+.] ... Sure, sure.


@yogthos gets away with it mostly unnoticed so far, though. Even within tech community a surprising number of people don't even know about browsers being all . Even here on the fediverse I see a lot of privacy fundamentalists criticizing while flocking into Apple's walled garden. That's ridiculous. You can disable Google surveillance, but you don't truly own Apple HW after you pay for it. Don't even try to repair it, run only whitelisted closed SW... That's much worse.

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