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The Solid project moves into the next phase with backing of a commercial entity directed by Tim Berners-Lee himself:

So the most annoying websites bugging with request for push notifications you've blocked from asking again are now prominently displayed as disabled among intentionally installed apps and push-allowed webapps in Chrome OS 70 settings tray... What a way to encourage bad behaviour. :(

The crackdown on ASMR reminds me that I'd prefer practically anything else to pay for @mastohost than . Another crackdown - on VPN services - is still fresh in my memory.

Internet freedom suffered another blow today. But it's still possible to win this battle before the final vote next year. And since it's an election year, they might actually listen.

The only issue I've encountered was that I wanted to preserve the root domain for my content (instead of Mastodon instance homepage) but didn't have any hosting to perform the webfinger redirect.

Signed-up for Firebase free hosting but it can't easily redirect the .well-known/host-meta URL either so I've hosted it as a static file. Though the documentation wasn't very clear it was possible. I've tried to clarify the content of the file for others:

Finally have Mastodon instance on my personal domain! Huge thanks to @hugo from @mastohost for his patience and fast response time, even on Sunday!