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The #Fediverse has been around for over ten years. I'm always reminded of that fact when people claim it'll never last.

It's weird how people seem to think the Fediverse didn't exist before they found out about it.

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I've got a Chromebook years ago that I paid $99 for.

My original plan was to install Linux on it, but once I got it, I realized that a cheap machine optimized for web-browsing was actually way more useful than a cheap general purpose computer.

I think I've been happy with it for longer than I've even OWNED many "real" computers.

“On Switching from an iPad Pro and a Macbook to a Pixelbook — Fraser Speirs”

“Should people really have to buy two computers from Apple to get the best of both worlds?”

Everything in this post:👍🏻

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Apparently it's because Apple deleted the iOS app because of the porn on Tumblr. Fuck Apple, fuck native apps, fuck Tumblr for deciding an app store was more important than moving to the web platform.

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Achieving anything in life nowadays is 5% talent, 5% hard work and 90% not being distracted by the Internet. ?

New APIs proposed as part of 's initiative to close the gap between web and native: Writable file API, scheduled tasks, Web Share Target, Async cookies, Wake Lock, WebHID, user idle detection, icon notification badge, unlimited storage permission, geotracking, geofencing...

clothing generates more CO2 emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined due to a rapid acceleration in purchase/disposal cycles driven by trade liberalization

👌 Lunch straight from the IKEA storage boxes, yum... I'm too old for this kind of tech conferences.

People understand, in a general sense, that a person can have too little money. Society needs to understand that too much money is also a crisis

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