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@baldur It would be anti-competitive if it were true. Why does everyone seem to take the anonymous allegation in a HN comment as an undeniable fact? I'm sure didn't care how proud the team was about video decoding optimization of their proprietary engine with minuscule market share.
Disclaimer: Yes, I do hate with a passion a will never forgive them for the decades of *demonstrably* intentional anti-competitive behavior this comment now ironically blames of.

“Is there a cold war between Android and Chrome because of PWAs?”

I don’t know if the Cold War angle is true but it’s obvious from the post that Microsoft has the opportunity to become _better_ at PWAs than Google. Chromium-based PWAs, in the Windows Store, that can be progressively enhanced to use native APIs a la Electron but without Electron's downsides.

Still don't agree with MS's decision but it isn't hard to see the appeal. Not sure they can pull it off, tho

[We're shutting down consumer G+ even sooner because we've introduced another security bug couple days after the first announcement but rest assured that we're fully invested into enterprise G+.] ... Sure, sure.

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@yogthos gets away with it mostly unnoticed so far, though. Even within tech community a surprising number of people don't even know about browsers being all . Even here on the fediverse I see a lot of privacy fundamentalists criticizing while flocking into Apple's walled garden. That's ridiculous. You can disable Google surveillance, but you don't truly own Apple HW after you pay for it. Don't even try to repair it, run only whitelisted closed SW... That's much worse.

• Included charger is the same (white) as the Pixelbook one.
- Smaller bezels are great but it’s impossible to hold without occasional accidental touches.
- on Slate is still quite unstable. Had several random session crashes already.
- My biggest issue is that it doesn’t work with external monitor even though Pixelbook, hp X2, Acer Tab 10, Pixel 2015 LS and several other Chrome devices work flawlessly with it:

Overall, I love it, especially as a naked .

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• If you try to edit a photo from the Camera app it wants to install Android Photos app. This schizophrenia is only one of the reasons to disable Android on Chrome OS. Though now works without Play Store enabled, so I hope non-Android Camera will get better.
• Slate’s keyboard is on par with Pixelbook, though using it on your lap quickly becomes a yoga exercise. (As expected: Hinge on detachable hp X2 is better in that regard.

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After using the (i7) for more than a week:

+ Speakers are the best part (even bit too bass heavy)
+ Great display
+ Even better battery life than (~10 hours) and charges super fast
• Photos from the cameras are better but nowhere near Pixel 2 XL so I still tend to have the phone nearby just for taking pictures. :/
apps are still a joke and if you have them disabled, the Camera app is replaced with Chrome one which doesn’t have portrait mode for example.

RT It's so ridiculous that on iOS Safari has ServiceWorker but Chrome for iOS does not.

This is because Apple has banned all web rendering engines except for WebKit. So, Chrome for iOS is just a wrapper around a WebKit web-view which... don't support ServiceWorker. 😠

@Eugen 🎄 @Hey Manu!! @dansup 🎅

Someday we need to start talking about a decentralised fediverse directory. Friendica, Hubzilla, and the Zap/Osada projects each have their own project wide mirrored directory servers, but it's time to bring these all together and include the rest of the fediverse. The things we've learned already:  
a) make sure it's opt-in
b) make sure each participant pings the directory at regular intervals or whenever there's a profile change. This way we reduce the occurrence of stale data and can prune dead accounts and servers (those that haven't pinged the server "recently").
c) optionally provide a supported protocols field so that the directory itself is protocol agnostic.

@ben @karen

I've got a Chromebook years ago that I paid $99 for.

My original plan was to install Linux on it, but once I got it, I realized that a cheap machine optimized for web-browsing was actually way more useful than a cheap general purpose computer.

I think I've been happy with it for longer than I've even OWNED many "real" computers.

“On Switching from an iPad Pro and a Macbook to a Pixelbook — Fraser Speirs”

“Should people really have to buy two computers from Apple to get the best of both worlds?”

Everything in this post:👍🏻

🇨🇿 in czech 

Nechápu, proč zrovna CZ.NIC, který obvykle aktivně prosazuje open-source a , rozdává , jedno z nejuzavřenějších zařízení na trhu, na které si člověk nenainstaluje ani moderní browser-engine.

Apparently it's because Apple deleted the iOS app because of the porn on Tumblr. Fuck Apple, fuck native apps, fuck Tumblr for deciding an app store was more important than moving to the web platform.

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disturbingly looking dinner 

Girlfriend is abroad on a business trip and if our neighbours saw me cutting this beet, I'm sure police are on their way.

Achieving anything in life nowadays is 5% talent, 5% hard work and 90% not being distracted by the Internet.

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