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@mastohost Hi, I can't upload even a tiny (652 KB) 720p .webm video... Getting 504 Gateway Time-out. Works on What's wrong?

who voted for the including the and :
• Pavel Svoboda, Michaela Šojdrová (KDU-ČSL).
• Niedermayer (TOP 09), Polčák (STAN), Poche (ČSSD), Charanzová, Dlabajová (ANO) didn't vote.
• Poc (ČSSD) wasn't present.

Vote them out in May, please.


is a game-changer (pun intended).
to any device ( browser or via ) of yours and to other viewers at the same time. But ALSO massive , next-level and , new gaming-mode possibilities (+ return of the 🙌), direct links into specific parts of (), instant switching between devices and more.
Coming to North America and Europe this year...

... aand is just going to announce it's new subscription service just like that on a -- eh -- video-stream in ~15 minutes here:

it's straight up scary when religious people ask how you can be a good person without religion. it's like admitting you'd kill me if a book didn't say not to?? where is your empathy

After 12 years as a visa holder, my interactions with the US government as a citizen have come as quite a shock in terms of how kind and friendly and helpful everyone is (though not, it must be said, notably faster or more efficient).

suicide - The Prodigy 

The EU is starting a full on war on general purpose computing. A proposed law will make it impossible to install custom software on WiFi routers, smartphones and embedded devices!

This is insane. The hearing ends today. Please give your feedback:

" this early stage we feel confident [that] when served with HTTP/2, @pika/web installations perform better [than] JavaScript bundles and most custom dependency bundling..."

"My insolent son fell into a volcano near the Slovakian capital"


"Probably is by now, yeah."

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