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It turns out that since Mastodon 3.0.1 only the first four hashtags in a pinned hashtag search column actually work.

There's no warning, no error message, and no limit to the number of hashtags you can put into the box. It just... fails silently.

#mastodon #meta #github

I got reports that a couple of instances where their federation stopped working. I suspect others also might have a slower federation because of jobs stuck in their Sidekiq queue.

I have done some debugging and came up with a patch that I will start installing in a minute.

You should expect around a 15 second downtime during the patch installation.

This patch will strip metadata from audio files. This was the only way I found to solve this issue until a fix is issued.

🇨🇿 in czech 

Kdybych nic nedělal, poslední den před vypršením by se vše vyřešilo samo. A to všechno pravděpodobně jen díky České poště, které se už 10+ let vyhýbám kdykoliv mám na výběr, protože těch pár zkušeností ročně s ní dopadá přesně takhle.

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🇨🇿 in czech 

Dnes mi končila platební karta.
Před 10 dny jsem psal Fio bance, že mi stále nedorazila obnovená.
Po 5 dnech vydali novou. Při tom mi deaktivovali i tu stávající.
O další 2 dny později dorazila obnovená karta s původním číslem. Po 4 týdnech(!) od odeslání (z Prahy).
Nová k dnešku ještě ani nebyla odeslána.

Platby za různé služby musím dočasně převést na jinou kartu a poté všechny na novou, až dorazí. Těším se i na případný rozhovor s revizorem, proč mám Lí*ačku na neplatné kartě.

So 🇨🇿​ people, what to see in Praha in the beginning of the september?

#Praha #Prague

When even after several years large portion of the general public still doesn't understand the benefits of , recruits for their new ad campaign to talk about irrationalities involved...

As a model for micro-payments to sites (which can replace the need for ads), I find this compelling:


Disclosure: I have chatted with a couple folks behind it.

already started selling to customers, inviting those who pre-ordered it for test drives. (It still has to be imported from Vienna.)

Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2019! September 7th & 8th in Prague, immediately following Rebooting Web of Trust.

Space is limited, see post for details. We are also soliciting talks.

Hope to see you there!

I have convinced the European Parliament administration to add this fediverse account to my official profile page (though they don't have a fediverse symbol yet):

@marketkag, Mikuláš Peksa, @patrickbreyer, and I officially formed a delegation of European Pirates in the European Parliament yesterday. Now, I have the honor to be the head of a delegation that spans across two countries, which is unconventional in the European Parliament.

techpol, you gotta be shittin' me 

<< Parliament has just adopted its position on the terrorism regulation. The good news: All amendments to re-introduce mandatory #uploadfilter were clearly rejected. The bad news: We failed to delete the 1 hour deadline by 3 votes: 300 to 297. #TERREG >>

Press conference on first results from the (aiming to capture the first image of a 🕳️) will start in couple of minutes:

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