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Coronavirus, climate change, silver lining 

"unlike the response to global heating, [the outbreak] has shown how political and corporate leaders can take radical emergency action on the advice of scientists to protect human wellbeing.

In China... actions taken by authorities have inadvertently demonstrated that hefty 25% carbon dioxide cuts can bring less traffic and cleaner air with only a small reduction in economic growth"

@marcel_kolaja Ironically, the identical emails they're complaining about are from the campaigns such as , existing exactly because most of them don't have a clue about how the whole internet works... :/

I have chaired a voting session in the European Parliament for the first time. It was fun. I didn't expect that I would teach members how to use e-mail. 🙂

All launching in 2020 and beyond will receive automatic updates directly from for at least 8 years since the device platform release.

I wish that was the norm with phones, TVs and other electronics as well.
Longer warranty, support and SW updates especially should be the subject of next big round of legislative push around the world.

This week's @tag meetings included:

• Web Transport, to improve games and live streaming
• Proposals for APIs to measure clicks (like on an ad) -> conversion (like a purchase)

What copyright maximalists do: publish rare #RollingStones recordings in a crippled way on YouTube for a few hours so they can claim another 20 years of ownership?

The clean room engine launched in May 2018 is already able to render most of the full desktop Gmail.
Apparently, it's still possible to develop a browser from scratch. And not just possible but useful, since Flow claims to "deliver over twice the frame rate of other browsers".

It turns out that since Mastodon 3.0.1 only the first four hashtags in a pinned hashtag search column actually work.

There's no warning, no error message, and no limit to the number of hashtags you can put into the box. It just... fails silently.

#mastodon #meta #github

I got reports that a couple of instances where their federation stopped working. I suspect others also might have a slower federation because of jobs stuck in their Sidekiq queue.

I have done some debugging and came up with a patch that I will start installing in a minute.

You should expect around a 15 second downtime during the patch installation.

This patch will strip metadata from audio files. This was the only way I found to solve this issue until a fix is issued.

🇨🇿 in czech 

Kdybych nic nedělal, poslední den před vypršením by se vše vyřešilo samo. A to všechno pravděpodobně jen díky České poště, které se už 10+ let vyhýbám kdykoliv mám na výběr, protože těch pár zkušeností ročně s ní dopadá přesně takhle.

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🇨🇿 in czech 

Dnes mi končila platební karta.
Před 10 dny jsem psal Fio bance, že mi stále nedorazila obnovená.
Po 5 dnech vydali novou. Při tom mi deaktivovali i tu stávající.
O další 2 dny později dorazila obnovená karta s původním číslem. Po 4 týdnech(!) od odeslání (z Prahy).
Nová k dnešku ještě ani nebyla odeslána.

Platby za různé služby musím dočasně převést na jinou kartu a poté všechny na novou, až dorazí. Těším se i na případný rozhovor s revizorem, proč mám Lí*ačku na neplatné kartě.

So 🇨🇿​ people, what to see in Praha in the beginning of the september?

#Praha #Prague

When even after several years large portion of the general public still doesn't understand the benefits of , recruits for their new ad campaign to talk about irrationalities involved...

As a model for micro-payments to sites (which can replace the need for ads), I find this compelling:


Disclosure: I have chatted with a couple folks behind it.

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