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@marcel_kolaja What the actual fuck. So after resolution supporting open-source and the day after starting two antitrust probes against Apple somebody decided to force MEPs and their teams to buy thousands of Apple devices and lock them into their ecosystem when all they need is a web app?

It's unacceptable if Members of the European Parliament have to use a service provided by an American company and agree to their Terms of Service in order to exercise the mandate. Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon using iCloud.

@ElfLord needed a way to figure out how much fabric to buy for a sewing project, based on the pieces she needed to cut. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a website or app to calculate this. YouTube videos seemed to suggest that the best approach was to print templates and do it all by hand.

So… long story short, this is what I spent my three-day weekend doing 😅

So far, no one has been able to present data that would justify the reduction of streaming quality that Commissioner Thierry Breton called for. I insist on taking down discriminatory measures, unless they are justified.

Employee surveillance 

@peter "companies are increasingly subjecting workers to closer supervision due to a fundamental distrust that they’ll stay motivated on their own." ... Ironically, exactly this distrust is the biggest demotivator for a lot of people. (Definitely for me.)

I finally created an "awesome list" for WebUSB. Please help me overcome recency bias and populate it with awesome examples of WebUSB in libraries and applications.

Jak přesný je vládní model šíření koronaviru? Nikdo neví, data i parametry modelu úředníci tají.

Proto jsem již 4. 4. požádal ÚZIS o zveřejnění tohoto modelu po vzoru Slovenska.

@keddie Ty každotýdenní tiskovky jsou vůbec celé jak kdyby vypadly z minulého režimu. Zainteresovaní "odborníci" se na nich chválí, jak zemřelo jen málo rizikových pacientů. Dušek bez jakéhokoliv podkladu neustále omílá, že "to je příroda" a virem se bude muset nakazit minimálně polovina populace. (Čímž nechá zbytečně umřít další tisíce lidí.) Pan Černý na svých "diapozitivech" [sic] používá naskenované ručně kreslené diagramy.
Záznamy pořízené na bramboru jsou taky něco:

Took a while but this is the only systematic solution to the contact tracing problem... and will, "in the coming months", release OS-level -based functionality for and respectively.

Let's make a deal: Young people will stay home during outbreak and old people will in turn stay home during elections.

Another idiotic internet-related action... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thierry Breton (European Commissioner for internal market) persuaded to downgrade video quality to solve a non-existing problem of internet traffic being too high because of people working from home.

Coronavirus, climate change, silver lining 

"unlike the response to global heating, [the outbreak] has shown how political and corporate leaders can take radical emergency action on the advice of scientists to protect human wellbeing.

In China... actions taken by authorities have inadvertently demonstrated that hefty 25% carbon dioxide cuts can bring less traffic and cleaner air with only a small reduction in economic growth"

@marcel_kolaja Ironically, the identical emails they're complaining about are from the campaigns such as , existing exactly because most of them don't have a clue about how the whole internet works... :/

I have chaired a voting session in the European Parliament for the first time. It was fun. I didn't expect that I would teach members how to use e-mail. 🙂

All launching in 2020 and beyond will receive automatic updates directly from for at least 8 years since the device platform release.

I wish that was the norm with phones, TVs and other electronics as well.
Longer warranty, support and SW updates especially should be the subject of next big round of legislative push around the world.

This week's @tag meetings included:

• Web Transport, to improve games and live streaming
• Proposals for APIs to measure clicks (like on an ad) -> conversion (like a purchase)

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