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Adobe stops the development of PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build, and also stops their investment in Apache Cordova, all citing declined use and grown capabilities of Progressive Web Apps. 👍

In my ideal world, my phone is just a web browser and the app store is just a search engine that lists PWAs. Lots of paths that could have gotten us there (FirefoxOS, WebOS), none taken.

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@keddie Hlavní hygienička teď v poslanecké sněmovně říká, že za ~17 dnů zaznamenala krajská hygienická stanice 730 hodin trasovacích hovorů.
Na úterní tiskovce ( pak uvedla, že tamních 40 zaměstnanců pracuje i o víkendech až 18hodinové směny a pomáhají jim "téměř desítky" zaměstnanců dalších KHS.
I kdybych počítal jen 50 lidí tak každý z nich těch 17 dnů nevolal průměrně ani hodinu denně.

A well-argued piece from @slightlyoff as to why we need to bring more capability to web, and why the privacy concerns brought up by Mozilla and Apple are kind of a red herring.

My brief time in W3C-land was filled with people yelling 'but fingerprinting!' any time someone proposed something useful. (Fingerprinting is the idea that the more features your browser exposes, the easier it is for a third party to track you as an individual collection of features.)

Maybe this is just my own personal bias, though: I still see the web as the "last open platform," or at least the last open platform that ~100% of computing users have access to. Bringing more capabilities to this platform, to make it competitive with proprietary walled gardens, seems like a net benefit to me.

The alternative seems like the status quo of "download our app" or "click to install this MSI/EXE" which seems indefensible from any angle, including privacy/security.

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This is the sort of post that only gets written by a BigCo employee when shit is *seriously* messed up; risks were taken:

📢 Quick reminder that is happening the next 3 days. A free online event, each day friendly for another time zone 🌎 🌍 🌏, featuring talks on PWA, site speed, tooling,… I’ll present on Project Fugu 🐡 and Progressive Enhancement:

I've been donating to couple euros each month since I can remember. I wasn't using on a daily basis so this was my contribution to making sure there is a viable alternative and browser .

I'll cancel my donation because Firefox apparently decided not to keep up and idly watch while proprietary native apps are eating the web and just -based browsers keep actually fighting for the only ubiquitous we have.

Mozilla hiding behind Apple's skirt to ensure the web can't compete is some real 2020 shit:

Just wondering if it has something to do with the 30% cut they get from the App Store. 🤔
Why innovate when you can block commoditized open technologies from competing with your cash cow?

Apple mustn't be the gatekeeper of tech evolution. There are standard groups (e.g. @tag) consisting of (and cooperating with) extremely smart people from diverse backgrounds who have your web privacy and security on their mind, not Apple's bottom line.

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@marcel_kolaja What the actual fuck. So after resolution supporting open-source and the day after starting two antitrust probes against Apple somebody decided to force MEPs and their teams to buy thousands of Apple devices and lock them into their ecosystem when all they need is a web app?

It's unacceptable if Members of the European Parliament have to use a service provided by an American company and agree to their Terms of Service in order to exercise the mandate. Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon using iCloud.

@ElfLord needed a way to figure out how much fabric to buy for a sewing project, based on the pieces she needed to cut. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a website or app to calculate this. YouTube videos seemed to suggest that the best approach was to print templates and do it all by hand.

So… long story short, this is what I spent my three-day weekend doing 😅

So far, no one has been able to present data that would justify the reduction of streaming quality that Commissioner Thierry Breton called for. I insist on taking down discriminatory measures, unless they are justified.

Employee surveillance 

@peter "companies are increasingly subjecting workers to closer supervision due to a fundamental distrust that they’ll stay motivated on their own." ... Ironically, exactly this distrust is the biggest demotivator for a lot of people. (Definitely for me.)

I finally created an "awesome list" for WebUSB. Please help me overcome recency bias and populate it with awesome examples of WebUSB in libraries and applications.

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