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Russia creates its own TLS certificate authority to bypass sanctions, since existing “foreign” certificates can’t be renewed. Yandex Browser ships with the new root certificate, users of other browsers need to manually install it (

"Without regulatory or legislative change, we risk losing a universal, free and open, write once, deploy anywhere, application distribution and deployment system..."

"Apps built with the free and open need equal treatment and integration. Closed and heavily taxed proprietary ecosystems should not receive any preference."


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CZ.NIC, the association managing the registry just removed .CZ domains of several websites spreading Russian .
Without any judicial decision. Just because the government and security agencies asked. That's a slippery slope and not the right way to fight , sorry.

it's not just iot devices getting left behind , iwhen companies fold, it's even accessibility implants. this is why open hardware matters

Former is becoming . Basically an official desktop distribution for and .

As someone using as a primary operating system for more than a decade, I was really looking forward to this.
I won't be limited by the high-end hardware selection anymore and it will be supported basically as long as the Linux kernel supports it.

How happy would you be if your browser popped up a message, "It looks like this site is preventing you from pasting into this form. Would you like to paste anyways?"

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If you're in the UK or US, you still have one week to send your comments on how 's arbitrary lack of choice on is causing harm to businesses, developers and users alike. Please, use that opportunity to finally rid the of shackles...

🇨🇿 in #Czech, modré zóny 

Úřední šikana nekončí. Zónu z chodníku se nám podařilo loni odstranit po 2 měsících dohadů. Půl roku jsme mysleli, že už bude klid, ale těsně před Vánoci(!) navrhla "Chodníkový program", který zavádí parkování po celé šířce OBOU chodníků jen o 30 metrů níž. Lidi ať chodí silnicí.
Už týdny tak trávíme noci a víkendy čtením norem, aktivizací sousedů, psaním námitek atd. Pokud chodíte na , můžete je poslat i vy:

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@WPalant I really believe it's time for people to realise that IS . Same principles that apply to are applicable to . The true long-term solution is education of the general public, not the easy way of blindly trusting centralized authorities promising to do slightly better.
In that sense I agree that Moxie really "doesn't get it". Mostly, he's just defending his design choices thru the lens of his confict of interest.

Who would want their washing machine to just do the laundry when you can spend time updating it via a smartphone app first??

Is 's market research showing that there are customers who would consider non-automatic obtrusive updates anything other than a nightmare?


COVID-19 vaccine 

Received 3rd dose today. We got to choose which so we went with Spikevax (Moderna) this time for a change.

The vaccination site in Congress Centre was not organized well, though. There's a queue ticket system *before* the actual registration on a TV screen indoors and a crowd of people in a relatively small space waiting for their turn for about 20 minutes. Especially with on the (steep) rise this felt quite risky.

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Don't Look Up is a painfully brilliant time capsule of the current state of humankind. That’s what we should be sending on golden plaques into deep space... As a warning.

A bit like but present-day, with a proper budget and less hyperbole.

BTW, I also kinda liked but if I can recommend just one this year it’s definitely .

There is lots of confusion about how someone got their hands on lots of #LastPass master passwords, and the official LastPass statement is certainly not helping. I analyzed the possible scenarios to find out what most likely happened here. #infosec

This is pretty amazing: "The Tree of Life" contains 2.2m species. Prepare for some mouse wheel action!

Selling some stuff, mostly electronics... Plus I'll be continuously adding more in the coming weeks. If you are interested in anything, let me know.

Pretty clever use of the Service Worker APIs: serve a local folder of files in your browser for easy testing without having to run a server.

Okay, why say "web browsers are hard to make, you need a huge budget to do so" instead of

Chrome wasn't built in a day


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