A guide for Europeans following American politics, translating common terms:
"Extreme left wing" = center left
"Left wing" = center right
"Moderate" = right wing
"Right wing" = extreme right
"Extreme right wing" = fascists

Oh and
"Communist" = left wing
"Socialist" = anyone not a libertarian
"Libertarian" = asshole

So for instance when you hear "@AOC@twitter.com is a socialist from the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party" what that means is "this lady is proposing a system that would be a significant shift to the right in a European country"

@seldo Michael Moore was on MSNBC recently saying AOC should run for President and would crush Trump in 2020. Do you believe that?


@InternetKevin @seldo She can't, too young. (I think I've seen the interview and don't remember him saying anything like that.)

@ondra @seldo what is the minimum age to be President? I thought that it was 30.

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