@corbin what will be the replacement? Slack, Jabber, WhatsApp or worse 😀

@WandelStock @corbin Unless you're abroad, on any other device, your battery dies, phone gets lost or stolen etc. 😉

@ondra @corbin i am not that important, so i dont care that much about messaging. I have always email.

@ondra @WandelStock Skype isn't going away anytime soon, and it has native apps for every major platform (even Linux), which is more than I can say for Hangouts and just about every other messaging platform 😉

@corbin @WandelStock I honestly thought only grandmas use it nowadays. Does Skype finally support audio/video calling in a browser or is Play Store necessary for that? We both know how Android apps work on Chrome devices. Hangouts at least work on every modern browser on any device.
Don't get me wrong, the last good Google messenger was Gtalk but Skype is definitely not the way to go.

@ondra @WandelStock Skype does have a web app now with video calling support

@corbin @WandelStock Hopefully the new version will support as well. Apparently it doesn't at the moment...

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